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Work Day - Auckland

The Moveo Comfort Drive is a convenient moveable solution to partition space as required without manual operation, saving time with simply a push of a button. The double glazed partition gives a sleek and stylish look that integrates well with the rest of the office.

The Moveo Comfort Drive is a fully automatic operable solution offering users the convenience of spatial movement at the push of a button. This fully automated system creates a dynamic space for offices, conference or function rooms to adapt according to any desired layout or situation.

In contrast to traditional operable wall panels which requires manual adjustment of retractable seals and panels, the Moveo comfort Drive uses advanced technology to fully automate individual panel movement. Each panel position move with seals extends or retracts once they reach the desired position as programmed. The system uses a fully integrated monitoring system that stops whenever the partition comes across an obstacle.

  • Work day Office - Auckland 
  • Main Contractors - Cachet Group 
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