The essence of Italy: Boffi Studio on designing beauty

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05 February 2020


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In the essence of beauty is collaboration, something global Italian design powerhouse Boffi accentuates in its ever-growing and valuable partnerships. We spoke to Boffi Studio about how this translates to the timeless allure of the sought-after brand’s offerings.

Rather than walking into a showroom, the guest at Boffi is treated to an experience; a harmonious offering of texture, of alluring material and form; curated spaces that demand a certain reverence.

In each area, different elements of the Boffi offering create impressions - initial expectations that develop in-depth the more time one spends in the space.

“Here, I wanted to encapsulate the breadth of the Boffi range, and the possibilities of creation these pieces offer without designing a space that felt like a showroom,” Stephen says. 

Boffi's Auckland showroom offers an alluring taste of the full Boffi range.

On a global scale, the Boffi showroom in a reimagined former motorcycle workshop in a central Auckland design enclave is small in size but large in its design imperatives, thanks to the creative direction of New Zealand owner Stephen Horton.

Yet, while a lounge setting is adjacent to a bathroom one, and kitchens and wardrobes command opposite sides of the space, there is a harmony throughout that articulates a natural warmth and a sense of calmness in the unity of hues and elegance of forms. 

“This is something that Boffi creative director Piero Lissoni has an amazing ability to achieve,” Stephen says. “He’s able to create this beautifully refined palette across the entire offering that just innately works - so much so that you know every material will simply work in harmony with the next.”

That’s an impressive feat as the Boffi range encapsulates thousands of products across various lines including kitchens and bathrooms, lighting, furniture, wardrobe systems, doors, and tapware. 

It’s a palette that is rich in depth and variety - from the intricacy of micro mosaic tiles to the beauty of architectural stone, handmade tiles, 200-year-old timber, steel, and aged leather. 

The Quadra Pivot Door by ADL.

“From the original kitchen, bathroom and tapware that Boffi began with, the ranges have expanded as the essence of the company strengthens - an essence that is grounded in collaboration,” Stephen says. 

And collaborate they have, with various key partnerships now part of the Boffi brand including DePadova, Ma-U Studio and ADL. “These continued collaborations have changed the business significantly and created an ongoing excitement as the New Zealand business evolves as a result. The extent of the range means we’re able to transcend architectural styles - working on everything from the most contemporary to the very traditional. We often work closely with architects such as Andrew Patterson and Fearon Hay on modern homes as well as the more traditional Queenstown-style houses by architects like Mason and Wales,” Stephen says.

Just as collaborations are the essence of Boffi, so too are collaborations the essence of Boffi Studio in Auckland...

The Square 16 Sofa by De Padova.

Going forward, the future looks set to offer further opportunities for expansion in New Zealand with an increased diversity of collections. “A range this large is important in New Zealand because we have such an incredible diversity of architectural styles.”

Boffi Studio works in close collaboration with architects and interior designers; collaborations that drive beauty of design, Stephen says. “Just as collaborations are the essence of Boffi, so too are collaborations the essence of Boffi Studio in Auckland; they are what great design is all about.

“Working directly with clients is similar for our team of in-house designers. Clients all have their own unique design language so for us it’s about translating that into something incredibly special.”

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