Ultra Slimline Drawer Maximises Storage

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01 October 2020


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Driven by huge consumer feedback, Fit NZ has launched an innovative range of quality, ultra slimline, push to open drawers that maximise internal storage capacity, perfect for smaller spaces.

Almost every product the company brings to New Zealand is the result of listening to issues customers have around common kitchen and living room storage space. The widespread interest already shown in their latest, aesthetically pleasing Simlead drawer system has taken sales director Marty Boakes by surprise.

He points out that it’s a top of the range product, 100,000 cycle tested for load capacity, therefore it is pitched at a rather discerning market.

“But we’re finding huge demand from people who really love the benefits it offers. People want to maximise their storage space without the chunkiness of the usual drawers.

“The Simlead is a technically efficient, very minimalistic drawer system with 13 millimetre thin metal walls and the option of completely flat insides without panels or unnecessary lines. Other drawers often have sides that are much chunkier and that therefore eat into what would otherwise be usable space.”

The other benefit that makes it highly functional in busy places is the ever-active hands free, push to open system. The ‘push to open’ works not just from when the drawer is closed. You can also nudge it when it is partially open so that it springs out further.

“So, if you’re cooking or you have dusty or sticky hands, you can bump a drawer with your knee a second or third time so it extends fully or to where you need it to.”

But if, for some reason, you didn’t want the ‘push to open’ application you can disable it with a built-in switch which changes it to the standard soft close option, says Marty.

Ultra Slimline Drawer Maximises Storage

The Simlead drawers are quiet and operate with a smooth-running soft close motion. If you have children in the house, soft close is an absolute must as it’s much safer for those little fingers. Simlead is available with two different capacities; 40kg is standard and a heavy duty drawer that takes up to 70kg.

They come in 4 sizes with side heights of 97mm, 138mm, 185mm and 249mm, in several runner lengths and are suitable for every area of the home from the kitchen and scullery to living areas, the laundry, bathroom and bedrooms.

Fit NZ is starting to sell a lot for wardrobes because they have a seamless full-height side panel without a galley rail which means you can’t lose a stray sock over the side.

An 8-way adjustment for side panels helps make the drawer easy to perfectly align for a sharp look without uneven clearances or gaps.

Ultra Slimline Drawer Maximises Storage

Kitchen designers and manufacturers who partner with Fit NZ for fit-outs find it very easy to install because it has no requirement for drawer base rebates. It is also easily removed via a unique locking device.

“Other drawers need machining in the drawer base which is not always easy to do,” says Marty.

“We’ve been asked for a slimline drawer like this for a long time. There are other low cost, low quality suppliers, but the Simlead drawer really has no rival. Simlead is at the higher end of the market which fits our brand and promises as far as the lifetime warranties we can provide.”

Fit NZ is considered a storage market leader with a continuous flow of storage innovations. The company is launching a new range of their New Zealand designed Tanova waste and laundry bins specifically designed to integrate into the Simlead drawers in November.