Simlead Premium Slimline Drawers


Slim. Safe. Premium. With metal walls just 13mm thick Simlead is both aesthetically pleasing and functional, with slim walls allowing for more usable space in the drawer itself.

Simlead features synchronised movements for minimal noise and smooth-running motion and 8-way adjustment, including depth, side, height and tilt, for precise gap alignment and perfect fit.


Inner drawer packs in dark grey are also available. These convert your standard Simlead B or C height drawers to inner drawers.

The inner drawers feature a very slim (just 9mm) front panel and are available in 2 widths (553mm for 600mm cabinet and 1153mm for 1200mm cabinet). These can be trimmed to suit other drawer widths and are simple to install.

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    Simlead Premium Slimline Drawers
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    King Slide Simlead

Standard Drawer KIts

  • 4 panel heights - 97mm, 138mm, 185mm, 249mm
  • 2 colours - dark grey and white
  • 2 load capacities - 40kg and 70kg
  • Several runner lengths - 350mm (for some models), 450mm, 500mm, 550mm

Inner Drawer Kits

  • Available to suit 2 Simlead drawer heights (B - 97mm and C - 138mm
  • Available in 2 widths - 553mm for 600mm cabinets and 1153mm for 1200 cabinets (may be trimmed to suit other cabinet widths)
  • Pack consists of front panel, front connectors, left and right cover caps, 3.5X17L Flat Head Self-Tapping Screws, 4X14L Round Head Screws

Ever-Active Push to Open - means drawer can be push-opened from closed or partially-opened position for completely hands-free operation; brilliant for low drawers - you can open with knee, toe or side of foot, even if already partially open.

Switchable Push-Open Design - push-open function enabled or disabled with simple flip of a built-in switch. Select soft close or push to open functionality based on your project requirements, without the need for additional components.

  • Easy installation and easy removal (via a unique locking device) make Simlead an installer's dream.
  • Simlead is available in 4 heights, 2 colour options (dark grey and white), 2 load capacities (40kg and 70kg) and in several runner lengths.
  • Smooth and consistent soft-close action on all models.
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