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How to choose a lamp that’s perfect for you

How to choose a lamp that’s perfect for you

Turning your house into a home is a process. No one is ever 100 per cent happy with the interiors when they buy a home. There’s always some work that needs to be done here and there to create the aesthetic you want. While some of this work can be major, lamps are a quick and easy way to add a bit of style and pizzazz to the rooms in your home.

Words by Yohei Guy

Know your decor style

There are thousands of aesthetic styles out there, something that is clear from a simple Pinterest search for anything related to interior design. Knowing what design category you prefer will help you find things faster and be inspired in doing so.

Without going too in-depth, here are four of the most popular style types.

Modern design - A form of minimalism characterised by clear and defined lines, bright colours, and negative space. LED bulbs are prevalent in contemporary lighting of this style today.

Mid-Century modern - A design aesthetic experiencing a big comeback. It's an American-popularised style that hallmarks curved lines, natural materials, graphic shapes and muted colours. Mid-century modern lighting products generally have well-defined lamp bases with simple light shades.

Farmhouse design - Popularised by the American television host Joanna Gaines. It consists of practical and simplistic design choices that are modern in their simplicity but have rustic details. Think of exposed metal and prominent bulbs on buffet lamps.

Traditional design - An aesthetic refers to early 20th century or historical trends. It can involve anything from intricately detailed work (sometimes called baroque style) to chandeliers with lampshades.

Rituals 1 Table Lamp from Space Furniture

Know the type of lamp you’re looking for

You can't shop for a lamp blindly. You need to know where the light will live in your home. Why? There are different types of lamps that serve different purposes. A foyer chandelier is for ambience and soft lighting, while a desk lamp helps you read late at night.

Often, in retail environments, lamps are categorised based on their location, their use, or the way they're installed. On our site, you'd find that foyer chandelier under ceiling lights, for example, and the desk lamp under Lamps. There are even subcategories for indoor lamps, neon lamps, floor lamps and more.

Outdoor lamps are another category entirely, as they're made from materials that can stand up to the elements. Knowing the type and location of the light, you're shopping for will help you navigate through online shopping and even in-store experiences with ease.

Common types of lights in a home

If you've never furnished or built a home before, here's a good rule of thumb: every room should have an overhead light source and one to two other lamps for ambience. For example, it's common to have built-in can lights in your kitchen for cooking and task lighting lamps for counter spaces for things like chopping vegetables or reading recipes.

Bedrooms should have central ceiling lights, then a bedside lamp on each nightstand for reading or ambience. You may want a tall standing lamp for your reading corner as your bedroom lamp, depending on the size of your bedroom.

Moon Floor Lamp from Città

How much light do you need?

Other than the rule of thumb above, there's no hard and fast guide to how much light a room needs. It depends on a range of factors like when you use the space, how much natural light it gets, which direction the windows face, what activities take place and more.

A breakfast nook, for example, is usually built near a window and gets good morning light, meaning you can get away with a decorative lamp by the table instead of needing a bright light for late at night.

You'll also want to think about what colour light (bulb) you want to get. Lightbulbs come in various colours and temperatures, typically natural, soft, outdoor, and bright.

Natural bulbs have a neutral tone and are great for workspaces or home offices. Soft bulbs have a warm tone, good for ambience and bedside lights. Bright white or cool-toned bulbs are suitable for high-use areas, like the kitchen, and give off high-contrast blue-toned light.

Some light fixtures and smart bulbs have different settings that give off a brighter or softer light, depending on your needs. This provides great versatility and flexibility as a lighting design solution.

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Prices of different lamps

Lamps are available in a wide range of types and styles with an equally wide range of price points. The more decorative the light is, the more high-quality materials that are used, the more renowned the designer, the more likely it is to cost. That being the case you can find lamps anywhere from $15 to upwards of a few thousand dollars.

Panthella Floor Light by Louis Poulsen

How to choose a lamp with ease

When choosing a lamp for your home, you need to consider your interior design style, where the light is going, how much light the room needs, what type of light source you want, the colour of the bulb and the overall cost. It seems like a lot to consider at first, but after purchasing your first lamp and seeing what it brings to the room you’ll feel more confident to press on and get more.

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