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What are LED Linear Lights? And Why You Should Consider Them

What are LED Linear Lights? And Why You Should Consider Them

If you're looking to add modern flare to your space, click here to learn more about linear lights and their benefits.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Many homeowners are upgrading their homes from traditional or classic styles into spaces with a modern feel.

LED linear lights are a widely used lighting fixture in commercial interior design. However, they aren’t exclusive to this sector. With various technological advancements, the aesthetic of linear lights has evolved to suit residential dwellings.

But before you take the plunge, it’s important to know the different types and uses of linear lights. Read on to find out how to use them.

Novii Tyke N-Series Baffle Recessed - Linear LED Light

What is LED linear lighting?

This type of ceiling lighting uses lots of light-emitting diodes (LED). Manufacturers pack them together in a long, narrow housing. This results in a strip of light.

It’s a simple but revolutionary concept for lighting living spaces. Before, LED linear lighting existed, but lighting big spaces was tricky. You could use two or more fluorescent lamps, but it was difficult to create a continuous line of light.

Now, LED linear lighting produces uninterrupted light without leaving black or dark spots. As the technology develops, the aesthetics and performance get better.

What are the types of LED linear lighting?

Various linear lighting options are available for your space. Whether it’s for an office or a large residential room, the right type will make a tangible difference. Check out these two linear lighting types:

Bright Light Highline Luminaire

Suspended linear lighting

Suspended linear lighting is one of the most popular lighting trends around the world. Create an unexpected look by using various dramatic shapes and suspension levels.

Raising or lowering the fixtures’ heights adjusts the intensity of the light. This can create a dramatic difference to a room’s ambience. You can pick between direct and indirect options to focus on various design elements.

The former is great for strong illumination. It improves visibility when doing tasks. The latter is excellent for creating the right ambience, or balancing out harsh elements in a room.

Recessed linear lighting

LED recessed strip lighting takes up less visual space. It helps make your room feel larger because the lighting is set back into the surface of the ceiling.

The goal of this lighting goes beyond providing light, it helps promote interest in the architecture of the space, as well as creating a contemporary ambience.

It’s also a great option for casting light on specific objects, without adding any distracting elements onto the surface of the ceiling, such as ceiling lights, track lights or spotlights. The look created is slick, clean, contemporary and modern.

Inlite Delta Light

Why you should use linear lighting?

For your next project, consider including LED linear lighting. It provides enough light to illuminate any living space and it’s also great for enhancing interior design, making your room more appealing.

LED linear lights are the future of both commercial and residential lighting. The huge global LED industry growth is proof of that. Here are some other reasons to switch to LED linear lighting:

Practical uses

If you’re working from home, you’ll benefit from LED linear lighting. It makes your work set up more comfortable, while maintaining a modern aesthetic.

It brightens your home’s darker corners and makes them more cheerful to inhabit.

Project personalisation

LED linear lights offer a wide variety of colour temperatures. You can use them to highlight different elements of your interior design and to create a mood.

You’ll gain better visibility with these lights. The market offers various solutions, so it isn’t difficult to find the right fit. LED linear lighting is also excellent for more personalised fixtures.

With LED tapes or aluminium profiles, you can make unique patterns and designs. It’s what makes the entire space look one-of-a-kind. Try out some linear lighting designs that scream 2021 to enhance the look of your room this year.


One of the major benefits of linear LED lighting is the high level of energy efficiency. You’ll get the same amount of light output you’d get from fluorescent lighting with linear lighting, however, you’ll use far less energy and spend less.

You can count on LED lights to last for a while longer than fluorescent or incandescent lights. Investing in them gives you more value for money. Buy from experienced, reliable manufacturers to get the most out of your LED linear lights.

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FIT DOMUS Line™ LED Lighting

Linear LED versus linear fluorescent: pros and cons

Most reputable lighting industry manufacturers use linear LEDs. The range is versatile, from value-line to high-output. But there are advantages to linear fluorescent lighting, too. Here’s the breakdown between the pros and cons of each lighting type:

Linear LED pros

As previously mentioned, LED lighting is more energy-efficient than other lighting. A bulb lasts for about 50,000 hours, losing 30% of its output after a decade. Some have lower lifespans, but generally all last longer than their fluorescent counterparts.

LED linear lighting uses no mercury, making it the environmentally friendlier option.

Most LED manufacturers offer strong product warranties, which give you peace of mind.

Linear LED cons

The primary disadvantage of using linear LEDs is the price. However, the cost is more reasonable now than in the past.

Linear LEDs have an endless vista of options at different prices, so do some research to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Linear fluorescent pros

If you’re looking for a less costly product, linear fluorescents are the best. Their upfront cost is lower than their LED counterpart. It’s also easy to install and can last for over 20,000 hours.

Some linear fluorescents (combined with the right ballast) can last longer than that. In some cases, they can last over 90,000 hours.

Linear fluorescent cons

Mercury is the primary drawback of using these products. It’s not as environmentally friendly and also offers lower energy efficiency.

Technological improvements means there’s less toxic metal used, however, it won’t work without having a certain amount.

Novii Honeycomb Direct/Indirect Linear LED Light

Use linear lights in your project

If you’re thinking about using linear lights, but don’t know where to start, we can help you connect with lighting professionals to help put you on the right path to create a high impact lighting design.

Alternatively, sign up for an Archipro account and join New Zealand's largest design community and get inspired by endless lighting options. Browse projects, access experts, and compare products.

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