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CO2 Hot Water Heat Pumps Explained

CO2 Hot Water Heat Pumps Explained

A CO2 hot water heat pump provides the perfect alternative to both conventional electric cylinders and instant gas hot water systems in homes. We explain why.

Words by Apricus Eco Hot Water & Heating

A CO2 heat pump absorbs naturally occurring warmth from the air, amplifys it and transfer it to heat the water. Also referred to as air source heat pumps they use electricity to operate the compressor rather than heating an electric element.

Diagram showing how the Reclaim CO2 hot water heat pump works

The Reclaim Energy CO2 system is nearly five times more efficient than a conventional hot water cylinder with an electric element. They save energy, save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with the generation of electricity.

Does is perform well in cold regions?

Yes, in fact Reclaim CO2 heat pumps work extremely well in even very cold weather. Due to the unique properties of natural carbon dioxide (CO2) as a refrigerant at 1°C air temperature a Reclaim heat pump still provides more than four times as much energy output as electricity used (COP 4.3). This performance means a saving of 75% for water heating power use compared to an electric element.

At minus 5°C there is still almost 3 times as much output as input (COP 2.9). And at an extreme of minus 10°C you will get 2.4 times heat output for electricity it uses.

Once the temperature drops below freezing the heat pump will need to do occasional defrost cycles to free the fins of ice. The energy needed for this is included in the savings calculated above, so high performance is maintained at all times.

Is heating water with a CO2 heat pump good for the environment?

It’s important to note that CO2 heat pumps use carbon dioxide as the refrigerant and are not releasing it into the atmosphere. Using fossil fuels (gas, coal, oil, etc) to heat water releases global warming gases, including carbon dioxide, at all staged of their production. Because CO2 hot water heat pumps are very efficient using them greatly reduces the emissions of global warming gasses as much less electricity is required, reducing the environmental impacts from the electricity generation. This is even better in NZ where our electricity is 85% renewable and increasing numbers of households are using PV to generate their power as well.

What are the benefits of this hot water system?

You will be able to knock a third off the average power bill with savings on water heating. The Reclaim Energy CO2 heat pump is the quietest system on the market with whisper quiet functionality, has user friendly controls and can be installed on a cylinder indoors or outdoors.

Can I make further savings by using solar energy?

Combined with your PV system a Reclaim CO2 heat pump will optimise your investment, multiplying your savings on hot water five times and avoid exporting to the grid for little return with low buy back power tariffs.

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