Ascale by TAU - Crotone Pulpis - a beautiful and natural looking colour that adds a classical, dramatic touch to any installation.

When natural elements are carefully selected and combined with research, design and the highest technology, ASCALE solutions are born . The ceramic countertops that offer a better work surface to your kitchen.

Natural materials treated in depth to offer a unique product; with hygiene, precision, strength and the delicacy you need. And it is that beyond the aesthetics of our 12 mm countertops is their science: our high technology manages to provide them with levels of resistance and functionality that few materials combine.

To all this is added the experience of years thinking about you and your needs, together with the R&D capacity that characterizes TAU . The result: a line full of enormous qualities and the latest in ceramic materials.

Why choose ASCALE countertops?

We have summarized for you the qualities of ASCALE , those that make your worktop unique.

They will allow you to get the best out of all of the foods you prepare for yourself and yours, facilitating all your creations in the kitchen.

1.       - Recyclable , to guarantee sustainability.

2.       - 100% natural , you will not have to worry about contact with food on the surface.

3.       - A lightness that is transmitted to the work environment.

4.       - Made entirely in the European Union , with the quality guarantee that it entails.

5.       - Anti bacteria , for the perfect handling of all products on them.

6.       - Non-absorbent , to avoid transmission of flavors and facilitate cleaning.

7.       - Resistant to stains, they prevent them from becoming fixed.

8.       - Perfect to withstand high temperatures .

9.       - Its resistance is not impaired with low temperatures .

10.   - Resists abrasion , cuts and scratches; its surface remains unchanged.

11.   - Great size .

12.   - Its durability is guaranteed by its high resistance.

ASCALE countertops are the perfect surface for your kitchen work area. They combine with your own goodness as a chef and enhance your creativity.

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12mm thick, matt or polished finish

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Universal Granite is the leading supplier of stone in New Zealand. We have the largest range of natural stone imported from Brazil, Italy, India, Greece, Turkey and more.

We are the exclusive suppliers of Compac®, Uniquartz® engineered stone and Ascale® porcelain. We also supply the TPB induction slab - a benchtop with an inbuilt induction stovetop. 

In our Auckland and Christchurch showrooms, we welcome visitors to come and browse our extensive range and move projects from dream through to reality. Our staff have many years of experience in the industry and we know how to achieve the best match of preference and practicality to meet each individual need.

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