Birch Dryden WoodOil

Birch Dryden WoodOil is a water-repellent, non-filming timber protector. It is a deeply penetrating oil that utilises an ultraviolet, stable fungicide. Dryden WoodOil's water repelling properties prevent the absorption of water deep into the timber, reducing excessive warping, cupping, and splitting of timber, thus extending the service life of those timbers.

Dryden WoodOil is made in New Zealand and specially designed for our conditions. It is suitable to be applied to wood cladding, shingle roofs and fencing, including all wood items like decks, outdoor furniture and specific interior finishing, on all species of timber and wood surfaces, old or new, rough or smooth.

Dryden WoodOil is available in a range of colours to help maintain and complement timber character and colour without hiding the grain, and is also available in clear for natural finishing, allowing timbers to silver and weather but maintain water repellency.

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  • Dryden WoodOil must be used as supplied, never add thinners or alter in any way.
  • Shake Dryden WoodOil well before and during use.


Dryden WoodOil coating times and coverage rates may vary due to seasonal temperature, timber porosity, moisture content, timber type and previous coats applied. We recommend applying at:

  • New hardwood decking approx. 12-14 square metres per litre.
  • New dressed face timber, Cedartech, Pinetech Ply approx. 10-12 square metres per litre.
  • New bandsawn timbers and restored dressed faced timber approx. 8-10 square metres per litre.
  • Restored bandsawn timbers and wooden roof shingles approx. 6-8 square metres per litre.


Dryden WoodOil applies easily and rapidly and can be applied by:

  • Speed brush: Pal brand for most surfaces.
  • Spray: Use airless spray equipment. Choose a nozzle to deliver a low-pressure coarse spray.
  • Brush: For uneven or rough surfaces, a wide good quality bristle brush is best.
  • Roller: Use a medium nap for most timbers a long nap for rough surfaces.

If you find excess absorption into some timbers, we recommend that you change the application style/method to achieve the correct coverage rate.

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About the

At Dryden, we are all about protecting and enhancing the natural beauty of the timber – grain, texture and colour.

In 1999, Dryden was established to service the New Zealand housing and construction industry, providing a more fitting protection  solution for timber, through our flagship product Dryden WoodOil.

Since the beginning, Dryden has been dedicated to developing  new products for the marketplace. Today, Dryden WoodOil remains a trusted and proven product. The range also encompasses comprehensive specialist cleaning and coating products for a variety of interior and exterior applications. 

Dryden products are the choice of discerning architects and trade professionals who share our ideals of protecting and enhancing  the natural beauty of timber; intensifying and revealing what nature has already given us. It's all part of our mission to help your vision become a reality. From creating the house of your dreams to making the most of your current property, we bring out the best in your timber.