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Chevaline Dexx Roof & Deck Membrane System

The Chevaline Dexx Roof and Deck System is a flexible, liquid-applied waterproof membrane reinforced with a glass-fibre mat. The system is designed for use in sealing old and new flat and near flat roofs, walk-out decks and patios. The system is particularly useful where areas are subject to foot traffic and light vehicular traffic. The membrane is a two-layer reinforced system to accommodate stresses in all directions and topcoats are available for various service conditions.

Chevaline Dexx can also be used in wet areas and under tiles.

Why use Dexx?

  • 100% NZ made
  • 37+ years of proven performance in New Zealand conditions
  • Excellent durability & UV resistance
  • Easy to apply
  • Applicable to a variety of surfaces in both horizontal and vertical situations
  • Wide colour range available
  • Easy long term maintenance

Standard System:

  • Prepared and treated surface is primed using either Chevaline Dexx Primer or Chevaline Epistixx Primer
  • One bodycoat of Chevaline Dexx is applied
  • One layer of 300gsm glass-fibre mat is laid into the wet bodycoat
  • Two bodycoats of Chevaline Dexx are applied
  • One top glazecoat of Chevaline Dexx Topcoat is applied

Project specific specifications are designed to meet service requirements.

We provide warranties on all our products when used in conjunction with the correct specification and applied by a certified Equus applicator

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