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St George's Hospital

St George’s Hospital is a private hospital in Christchurch that cares for surgical, medical and maternity patients. The hospital first opened in 1928, and has been significantly further developed since the 1990’s and has grown into one of the largest private hospitals in New Zealand.

The hospital’s buildings sustained damage during the 2011 Canterbury Earthquakes, which provided a unique opportunity for a significant redevelopment. The redevelopment was designed by Trengrove Architects and was designed with a focus on first class medical care as well as seismic resilience. The redevelopment is still currently under construction but stages 1, 2 and 3 are now complete making the hospital one of the most well-equipped private hospitals in New Zealand. Equus are proud to be involved in all three stages of the redevelopment so far which roofing membranes installed to the new buildings.

The redevelopment has been carried out with the hospital remaining fully operational, and minimal disruption to clinicians, patients, and staff.

The Duotherm Warm Roof system consists of the DuO two-layer membrane applied over a PIR insulation board and vapour barrier. This guarantees a continuous and efficient thermal resistance (R-value) as per the New Zealand Building Code, making it an ideal solution for this project as the roofing insulation provides the building with thermal efficiency and allows for lower energy usage throughout the year with less requirement for heating in winter, and cooling in summer.  The roofing system moves the dew point to the outside of the building which ensures no condensation build up inside the ceiling cavity, which makes for an overall healthier building.

The exterior plant decks were completed with the DuO Two Layer membrane system and the interior plant decks with the Chevaline Dexx membrane system. Both systems provide a durable and long life waterproofing membrane.

The systems comply with the New Zealand Building Code, and the DuO and DeboFlex membranes hold current BRANZ appraisals.

Equus Certified Applicator: Mulford Holdings Ltd
Equus Certified Applicator: WPC Ltd
Architect: Trengrove Architects
Main Contractor: Higgs Construction

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Completed Buildings, St George's Hospital
Completed Buildings, St George's Hospital
Completed Duotherm Warm Roof
Completed Duotherm Warm Roof
Completed Duotherm Warm Roof
Completed Duotherm Warm Roof
Completed Duotherm Warm Roof, Showing Membrane Detailing
Completed Duotherm Warm Roof
Installation of DuO Membrane
Installation of DuO Membrane, Exterior Plant Deck
Application of Chevaline Dexx Membrane, Interior Plant Room

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