Natural Materials when combined with our advanced product development and skilled artisan plasterers make for a bold, bespoke statement to any project.

Our range of hand applied concrete effects includes subtle polished surfaces that replicate pre-cast concrete through to rustic off-form concrete effects such as our ‘planked’ effect.

Most commonly this finish is achieved with either our MultiStop or Rockcote Otsumigaki materials MultiStop is a natural cement grey, whereas Rockcote Otsumigaki can be coloured to achieved the desired colour. The finishes can be applied to various thicknesses and degrees of polish to achieve the bespoke look you require.

If you like a more industrial off form concrete effect our ‘planking’ effect is a bold textured surface that can be left natural or painted to complement other surfaces in the room. ‘Planking is most frequently completed with our MultiStop plaster.

Both our MultiStop and Rockcote Otsumigaki are natural mineral coatings that breathe and can be used on a wide variety of wall surfaces, including modern plasterboard and concrete for stunning results.

For best results, application by skilled and creative Resene Construction Systems Artisan plasterer is highly recommended.

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For over 30 years Resene Construction Systems has been designing innovative plaster cladding systems for New Zealand’s unique conditions. We are driven to create surfaces that make a living environment feel good to live in, we believe the tactile, and durable nature of plaster cladding is unrivalled.

The inherently human finish exudes warmth and quality that can only be created by something crafted by skilled hands.

We are pleased to offer our wide range of Premium construction products and systems for your next project. Our external plaster facade systems, lightweight concrete flooring, fencing and facades, through to our Seismolock URM earthquake re-strengthening systems and stunning interior and exterior finishing systems. You will also benefit from our advanced NZ owned and operated manufacturing, development capabilities, testing, excellent brands, and wide product range.

Enjoy the Resene Group difference on your projects with the knowledge you’ll receive quality finishes, expertise and support throughout.