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Decorative Flooring Overlay

Permacolour Decorative Flooring Overlay is part one of a two-part component using a special blend of silica sands, cement, and special additives.  Permacolour Activator is part two of the Overlay system and consists of specially developed top-of-the-range polymer resins. Combined with part one, this product is applied over existing concrete and masonry surfaces to create beautification, architectural accents, surface protection, or alternatives to tile or any other heavy-duty indoor outdoor surfaces. Permacolour Decorative Flooring Overlay is extremely durable, flexible, and has a high tensile strength giving it resistance from delamination due to hydrostatic pressure.

The Permacolour Decorative Flooring Overlay system is economical because it provides long-term, durable renovation without the need for costly and continuous repairs normally associated with deteriorating surfaces.  It’s applied once, permanently, and beautifully with a minimal amount of time lost, compared to traditional renovation projects. The Permacolour Overlay system is a permanent overlay and offers longer life, durability, reliability, flexibility, water and chemical resistance, and optional safety (non-slip) textures that are not only cost-effective and time-saving but can also be aesthetically appealing.

Whether you are in the need of restoration, repair, resurfacing, beautification, architectural accenting, surface protection, or alternatives to tile or any other heavy-duty indoor or outdoor flooring, we have the best options available.

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