Concrete Imprint Texture Mats

Concrete Imprint Texture Mats are designed to create the look and feel of natural materials.

Create remarkable textured concrete surfaces by using texture mats and accessories. Designed to create the look and feel of natural materials, Permacolour offers the widest selection of textures to turn concrete into a masterpiece.

The resilient materials used to create each texture are designed to retain pattern “memory". The consistent, well-defined, uniform texture is transferred, in every detail, onto the concrete surface. Permacolour is dedicated to the precise and unsurpassed consistency of each and every texturing tool. Strict standards are exercised so that every tool is precise and tight-fitting, reducing pattern lines and unsightly ridges.

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    Concrete Flooring
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    External Floors and Finishes
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Each tool is crafted from a high-quality polyurethane material that is flexible, yet retains high-tear strength. Sturdy handles are methodically placed to gain maximum tool-weight distribution, increasing balance and maneuverability.

Over 75-patterns, from rough-cut ashlar to random stone, and used brick to wood plank textures, available in various sizes, joints, grout lines, and configurations. All brick form textures have been designed with strict attention to detail. Unlimited exciting colour combinations can be achieved to suit every project using either oxide or Concrete Colour Hardener and a coloured Release Agent.

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Permacolour is New Zealand's longest leading manufacturer and supplier of products for the decorative concrete industry.

Permacolour, was established in 1992 and is now recognised as New Zealand's longest-leading manufacturer and supplier of concrete colourants including iron oxides, sealers, additives, tools, and other products for the decorative concrete industry.

Permacolour is owned and managed by Brian O’Keeffe who has been in the concrete industry for over 32 years. With considerable experience ranging from owning a concrete contracting business to manufacturing and distribution, he is extremely knowledgeable and provides valuable practical assistance to customers.