Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Heat Pumps are total home heating solutions that cover all of your hot water needs as well as super energy efficient radiator space heating – all through the one system.

Ideal for new-build homes, radiator heating elements are ideal for responsive heating that can be mixed and matched to each room.

Quick to heat up as well as turn down or off, radiator heating is easy to control and manage room by room. And with a wide variety of styles, sizes and colours to choose from it can be as bold or paired back to reflect your interior design aesthetic.

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Key Features

 Reflect your style with a range of radiators to choose from:

  • With a variety of radiator styles, colours and sizes available, you can select the perfect design to fit with the interior aesthetic of your space.

The more environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient alternative to traditional gas or electric water and space heating:

  • On average, domestic hot water heating accounts for 28% of the energy bill in New Zealand homes, and when combined with space heating, a whopping 67% of the overall energy bill!*
  • An Ecodan Heat Pump System can help reduce your heating and hot water bill when compared to gas and direct electric systems.

*Based on BRANZ study report SR221, 2010, verified by EECA.

Fast heat-up times for ultimate comfort when you need it most:

  • Ecodan uses inverter compressor technology in the heat pump to provide the right amount of warmth for your home.
  • Features fast heat-up times from 15°C – 55°C in one hour for a three-bedroom house or 30 minutes to heat only half the tank (100 litres).

Built-in smart energy monitoring for simple control:

  • On-screen power usage information means you have the visibility and freedom to efficiently manage your overall hot water power consumption.
  • The daily and weekly timers let you take advantage of off-peak tariffs and save even more on your power bills.
  • The central hot water central heating system is available with Zone Control which allows you to set different temperatures for different rooms or turn it off completely.

Quiet outdoor operation that won’t disturb your neighbours:

  • With an ultra-quiet outdoor unit homeowners can now choose the most convenient location for their Ecodan.
  • This allows improved flexibility in the location of the air source heat pump making it ideal for areas that are particularly sensitive to outdoor noise.

Add value to your home with a hot water heat pump:

  • Implementing a hot water heat pump system into your new build is an investment that not only will pay off instantly with lower electricity bills but is sure to make a real impression with potential homebuyers in the future.
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Mitsubishi Electric are leaders in providing energy efficient heating, cooling and ventilation solutions for both residential homes and commercial buildings. The ability to offer next generation technology, advanced features as well as sleek design, make the brand a favourite amongst architects.

With the extensive range of solutions on offer, homeowners are able to choose the perfect heat pump for every room in the home. Whether it is a small capacity whisper quiet high wall for the bedroom, a sleek coloured heat pump to make a bold colour statement in the lounge, a compact recessed floor console for the home office, or an unobtrusive ducted whole home heating and ventilation system, there is a style to meet any need.

In addition to heat pumps, air conditioning and ventilation, Mitsubishi Electric also offer next generation hot water heat pump solutions. These advanced systems not only provide super energy efficient hot water heating but offer central radiator and under-floor heating, at the same time!

Furthermore, Mitsubishi Electric also offer a range of industry leading multi drawer refrigerators, dehumidifiers, exhaust fans and jet towel high speed hand dryers.