Environmental blend concrete must meet strict environmental criteria to achieve certification. Firth’s EnviroBlend® Concrete can only be supplied from one Firth plant, which is Hamer Street, based in central Auckland. Customers using up to 90% of an environmental blend concrete immediately qualify for 3 points under GreenStar NZ, up to 60% usage qualifies for 2 points and up to 30% usage will achieve 1 point.

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Criteria the environmental blend is assessed on are:

  • Manufacturing sites hold necessary consents and permits
  • Raw materials such as cement carry ECNZ certification
  • Aggregate supplier hold necessary consents, permits and follow strict management plans
  • Hazardous substances are managed as per HSNO Act
  • Water and air discharges are monitored and managed
  • Water and solid waste recycling programs
  • Energy management
  • Employee training programs

Firth prides itself on being New Zealand's leading, innovative and sustainable concrete and concrete product manufacturer. We are committed to understanding and mitigating any adverse impact our operation has on the environment and integrating the core principles of sustainability throughout our operation.

Green Star
Customers using up to 90% of an environmental blend concrete like our EnviroBlend™ immediately qualify for 3 points under Green Star NZ, up to 60% usage qualifies for 2 points and up to 30% usage will achieve 1 point.

Environmental Choice
Innovation has been a part of our legacy especially through products that can help you build towards your eco-friendly project. Our EnviroBlend™ Concrete has the Environmental Choice licence as an eco-friendly ready mixed concrete product.

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About the

Firth is one of New Zealand's best known and most trusted trade names in concrete. They have been developing, manufacturing and delivering concrete and concrete products to New Zealanders for almost a century. 

90 year proud history

The history of Firth is part of the history of New Zealand. Firth's capability extends through the construction industry, roading & infrastructure, industrial and commercial projects to residential builds.

Industry leading

All of our products are formulated to meet strict NZ standards. Our engineers ensure Firth customers consistently receive delivery of the highest quality product that they can rely on. Our concrete products are tried and trusted so customers can be sure what we make, makes the grade. Always.

Our national, dependable brands include: Firth Certified Concrete®, Firth Masonry, Firth RibRaft® floors, Dricon® bagged concretes, mortars and sands.

Innovation that endures

From day one innovation has been at our core, but not at the expense of long lasting durability. In 1925, the 'original' Firth family with their entrepreneurial spirit created innovative concrete products that made life easier.

Today's wider Firth family still carries that same can-do spirit into today's market challenges. Our designers work alongside our engineers to ensure new designs will stand up to the rigors of time.

Kiwi Made

Like the people who manufacture them, our concrete ranges are all products of New Zealand. We employ 650 people spread across 70 plant sites throughout the country.

Firth's strength lies in its regional relationships delivering a quality service locally to loyal customers, every day.