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Envolée, designed by Cristina Celestino takes inspiration from one of the most delicate architectures present in nature: the wings of a butterfly. Observed under a microscope, their beauty is so sophisticated that it defies every type of description. They are ephemeral structures, characterized by iridescent, hypnotic and marvelous scales. The wings of lepidopterans butterflies look like brushstrokes, like paintings in motion. The elegance of their composition, under an attentive eye, has the consistency of a fabric. A consideration which leads Cristina Celestino to translate that which is not visible to the naked eye into a macro scale. The decorative motif is thus revealed by the alternation of chromatic compositions defined by different material densities, from wool to linen. A rhythm that is translated into a full and vibrant texture, playing on the characteristics of the individual materials and on the varying pile-heights used.

  • Category
    Floor Rugs
  • Designer
    Cristina Celestino
  • Year
SKU: Envolée Rug--300-230
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