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The modern wardrobe deserves specialised care. Our luxury Fabric Care Cabinet is equipped with gentle cycles perfect for special items. Wash clothes less frequently to extend garment life, while conserving water. Combine with a Front Loader Washing Machine and Heat Pump Dryer to create an ultimate fabric care ecosystem

Ultimate Fabric Care Solutions
Care for every corner of the wardrobe with an ecosystem of fabric care products, including our Fabric Care Cabinet, Front Loader Washing Machine and Heat Pump Dryer. From precision sensing to autonomous technologies, the fabric care suite removes the guesswork, delivering the perfect balance across each product to ensure optimal care for every garment.
With four core functions, including Refresh, Dry Deodorise and Sanitise

Care For Every Fabric
With four core functions, eight specialised fabric care settings and two extra care settings, this cabinet is designed to take care of your clothing and fabric needs. Its unique features include gentle refreshing, deodorising, sanitising and drying, making it suitable for delicate fabrics like silk, wool, leather, and items that can't be treated in a typical tumble dryer.
Fabric care settings for Delicate, Wool, Shirts, Leather, Outerwear, Shoes and more.

Flexible Loading
With a spacious 12-garment capacity across five thoughfully-designed hangers and configurable rails, you can hang a variety of clothing items, from shirts and blouses to dresses and suits. Four independent folding racks can be adjusted to fit items of different sizes and shapes, such as coats and jackets. The shoe rack provides a convenient and hygienic way to care for your footwear, keeping them fresh and free of odours.
Wi-Fi enabled - connects with the SmartHQ app for seamless control.

Refresh, Deodorise, Dry, And Sanitise
The Refresh function revitalises clothes with steam and air, so you don't need to rewash lightly worn garments. Deodorise helps to remove unpleasant odours, while the Dry function uses warm air to gently dry clothes. Sanitise eliminates 99.9% of bacteria*, providing peace of mind.

*Independently tested to eliminate greater than 99.99% of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.

Specialised Leather Care
A specialised Leather care setting allows you to Refresh, Dry or Deodorise leather garments, such as jackets, coats and skirts. The gentle combination of humidity and temperature control treats your precious leather items without any harsh chemicals or detergents.

A Sustainable Solution
The Fabric Care Cabinet is designed to minimise energy and water usage by reducing the reliance on traditional washing and dry cleaning methods. Use Refresh to revive your garments or Deodorise to remove odours, reducing the need for frequent washing and conserving water.

Designed To Match
Our Fabric Care Cabinet is designed to match our Steam Care washing machine and Heat Pump Dryer, giving you the design freedom to create a cohesive fabric care ecosystem. With multiple configurations from compact to large, this modular solution is designed to work for many spaces within the architecture of the evolving home.

  • Category
    Laundry Cabinets, Laundry Appliances
  • Brand
    Fisher & Paykel


  • Control type: LED display


  • No external venting
  • Wi-Fi capable


  • Auto sensing
  • Heat pump technology


  • Depth: 700mm
  • Height: 1900mm
  • Width: 600mm
SKU: 92295
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