Reclaimed Vintage Oak Beams make amazing mantles. Custom made to order Fire Mantles from either Recycled Wharf Beams or Vintage European Oak and Elm Beams.
Wharf Beams up to 350mm x 200mm at 3.8m long in stock
Vintage European Timbers in stock, 150mm to 380mm wide by up to 170mm thick, lengths up to 5.8m.

Rustic original grey face wire brushed or sawn and wire brushed for a cleaner look. 

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    Fireplace Surrounds, Exterior Decorative Mouldings
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Antique Recycled & Architectural Timber Specialists.

Hardwood Timbers New Zealand, Christchurch based bespoke timber specialist, supplying handpicked unique Sustainable Hardwood from Australia and Europe, both Vintage Recycled and New.

Extensive Range Of Timber:
A full complement of naturally durable Australian Hardwoods for every application from sustainable new decking and large structural wharf timbers to locally recycled hardwood timber. From Recycled Vintage European Oak and hardwood flooring, large feature beams, trusses and everything in between.

Balance Is Key:
The path to sustainable timber starts here, we believe the natural environment should be replenished not depleted to supply our timber. Our sustainable replanting scheme is a key part of this philosophy.

Zero Waste Milling & Recycling:
Every part of each tree is used, from the large beams right down to the scraps used for garden stakes and sawdust for garden mulch, nothing is wasted. Local reclaimed hardwood from our wharf projects is expertly crafted into standout bespoke feature pieces.

Unique Timber Range:
Recycled Antique European Barn timber circa 1700 Every piece is unique, ideal for outstanding wall linings, flooring and rustic features. Either machined smooth or rustic finish, European Oak, Elm and Baltic Pine are available milled to your specification.