Glide Sink Mixer

The Glide range is a perfect addition to any contemporary bathroom or kitchen. Elegant flowing lines, organic curves and an easy to use solid handle results in a complete range which is both functional and beautiful.

Available in chrome. Visit the Glide collection page to view the full range of tapware products. This product is covered by a 20 year warranty. View warranty terms and conditions here.

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    Kitchen Tapware
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    Glide Collection

Longer lasting taps Dezincification Resistant (DR) brass bodies last longer and help maintain water quality.

Smart water control Our single-lever mixers are fitted with ceramic discs instead of conventional washers, ensuring durability and no-drip water efficiency.

Solid installation Secures the tap more stably to the bench top for a sturdier installation.

Easier installation 500mm stainless steel braided flexible hoses - longer than industry standard - for easier installation.

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Suitable for High/Mains Pressure

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