Goldfoam XPS Extruded Polystyrene Insulation

Extruded polystyrene (XPS) is a high-performance closed-cell rigid foam board insulation with high compressive strength. Extruded polystyrene can be used for cavity walls, roofs, soffits and under floors.

Composite Insulation supplies New Zealand architects, designers and building professionals with Goldfoam XPS.

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Main Features of Goldfoam XPS:

High compressive strength

  • Waterproof
  • Easy to install

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Applications for Goldfoam XPS Insulation

Underfloor Applications

XPS extruded polystyrene has been used as underfloor insulation in buildings throughout New Zealand. Goldfoam XPS as supplied by Composite Insulation has a wide range of applications for underfloor insulation solutions:

  • Underfloor: Slab on grade, beneath the DPC provides insulation and protection for the DPC during concrete placement.
  • Suspended slabs: provides a thermal break between floors, particularly car parking and in apartments where they may adjoin commercial spaces.
  • Timber floor joists: Installed beneath the joists, therefore, preventing thermal shorts through the timber structure.
  • Slab Edge: Below ground covering thickened slab edge prevents thermal loss to wet or damp ground conditions.

Wall Applications

Goldfoam XPS insulation is extremely versatile and can also be used as a high-performing insulation product for walls. XPS is used in timber and steel stud applications and over building paper in brick and stone veneer preventing thermal shorts through framing. It can also be placed over battens for EIS systems where high compressive strength is a requirement. In blockwork or concrete walls, XPS can be placed between the battens where condensation isn’t absorbed by the insulation.

Additional Applications

Building professionals choose extruded polystyrene insulation for the versatility it offers – it is also used in the following applications:

  • Cathedral roofs - Steel framed roofs,  placed over purlins with additional material placed between purlins prevent thermal shorts through framing.
  • Membrane and tray roofs -  XPS placed over purlins beneath plywood or building paper prevents thermal shorts through framing.
  • Rain screen applications - XPS placed outside in rain screen and creates a high mass wall.
  • Exterior signage - Profile cutters can create a straight edge and the painted element performs well in external locations.
  • Swimming Pools -  Used as formwork for concrete works (spray applied) or external lining (fibre-glass or precast concrete) XPS prevents heat loss to wet ground decreasing running costs of heated pools.
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Supplying specialist insulation products throughout New Zealand for over 30 years.

We can supply XPS insulation in a range of sizes 2400x1200mm, 2400x900mm, 2400x600mm and compressive strengths of 300, 500 and 700 KPA.

We hold large stock of 10mm-120mm XPS in our North and South Island warehouses. We provide overnight delivery to most locations within New Zealand.


Extruded polystyrene (XPS) is a high-performance closed-cell rigid foam board insulation with high compressive strength. Extruded polystyrene can be used for cavity walls, roofs, soffits and underfloors.


  • High compressive strength
  • Closed cell
  • Easy to install

Goldfoam XPS board is available in thicknesses from 10-120mm.


Greenfoam XPS X300 (300 kpa) has an ozone depletion potential of zero. It is a rigid insulation board with high compressive strength, is a closed cell and is easy to install.

Greenfoam has a density of 35kg/m3

Greenfoam XPS Board is available in thicknesses of 50mm, 75mm and 100mm

NF PIR Board

NF PIR Board is an energy-efficient thermal insulation board comprised of a closed-cell polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam core bonded to aluminium foil on each side. PIR offers one of the highest R-value of any material per thickness and has zero ozone-depleting potential (ODP)

NF PIR Board has a density of 35kg/m3.

NF PIR Board available in thicknesses from 20-150mm


  • Greater thermal resistance
  • One of the highest R values of a material per thickness
  • Retains insulative properties throughout the life of the product
  • Moisture-repellent and mould resistant
  • Holds an AS2122.1-1993 – determination of flame propagation certificate


Backed by 40 years of experience, Thermomass is the industry leader in concrete sandwich wall technology allowing New Zealand architects and designers to create walls that increase energy efficiency, durability and performance. Thermomass’ concrete insulation systems can be used in plant precast, tilt-up and cast-in-place projects.


  1. Proven in New Zealand conditions - used by precasters nationwide for insulating concrete panels during casting.
  2. Insulated from the outside- passively regulating the temperature and reducing energy costs.
  3. Fully tested system -backed by 40 years of experience
  4. The impact of extreme cold and hot conditions is absorbed - due to the storage capacity of concrete.


JIT Tile backer boards offer an innovative new way of insulating and lining bathroom and wet room walls and floors to give a smooth finish for great-looking tiles.

JIT tile backer boards are extruded polystyrene faced with fibreglass mesh and a polymer mortar on each side for strength, rigidity and waterproofing.

JIT Tile Backer Board is also a high-performing edge protection board.