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When space is at a premium, you need a solution that doesn’t sacrifice functionality. That’s where HD Elite iD Half Racks come in. With a pair of training uprights and a pair of storage uprights, these compact racks balance space restriction with capability, providing all that you need in an efficient package.

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  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 142 x 185 x 244 cm (56″ x 73″ x 96″)
  • Live Area 2.1 x 3.0 m (7’ x 10’)
  • Product Weight 240 kg (528 lbs) – no accessories
  • Max Training Weight 380 kg (855 lbs)


Having a rack system that has multiple training upright heights is essential to accommodate athletes of all sizes. HD Elite iD provides two different sized uprights, which are 8’ (244 cm) and 9’ (274 cm) tall. These options help to ensure comfort and don’t put limitations on the athletes due to equipment.


Having a 38.1 cm (15”) storage depth is best for space constrained spaces. It is also the recommended storage depth for Power Racks.

Having a 53.3 cm (21”) storage depth creates more room for bench depth, attachment storage and spotter access. It is also the recommended storage depth for Half Racks.

Pull-Up Options

For the traditionalist, the 3cm diameter Straight Bar has a smoothly knurled, painted finish and is ideal for performing strict pull-ups, kipping pull-ups and ACFT training. This pull-up option can also act as an anchor for suspension training.

Originally designed with the Navy Seals for versatility, the 3-Handle pull-up bar features 3cm handles in mixed configurations. This pull-up option features grips on each handle and embodies one of Hammer Strength’s true design philosophies: supreme ergonomics.

Natural movement and variability define the Rotating Chin. The 3cm knurled handles easily adjust to 12 different lateral grip widths on each side in 3cm increments. For a smooth rotation and adjustment, each handle features bronze bushings and a 2.5cm chrome-plated shaft. Handles can be positioned to a minimum of 20cm apart to 89cm wide.

Angled at 30 degrees the Ballistic Wing has a tapered design that narrows at the top for optimal band positioning for triphasic training. The Ballistic Wing adds 51cm of height and increases the forward clearance by 30cm. Option not available on 9′ Half Rack.

Compatible with the Arc Bar, Ball Grips and Neutral Grips, the 3×3 Square maximises your versatility by adding different pull ups grips that can be easily swapped out over time.

The Arc Bar was designed for performing the perfect pull-up. The 3.8 diameter add-on attaches to square cross-member and features an ergonomically designed arc that minimises joint stress on the wrists, elbows and shoulders.

Ball Grips were made to increase strength in the hands and forearms. The add-ons attache to a square crossmember. Each 7.6cm Ball Grip is textured for improved hold and is assembled on the bolt structure using a urethane compression washer and forged steel space to maximise rigidity.

Hammer Strength Neutral Grips provide a multi-grip pull-up option that bolts onto a square crossmember. Each grip has a 3.2cm diameter and utilises ergonomic handle angles to minimse joint stress on wrists, elbows and shoulders.

Add Ons

Lightning Arms are Hammer Strengths version of the popular Jammer Arms for racks. Lighting Arms attach to Hammer Strength racks in both upper and lower mounting positions to provide the ability to perform many traditional pushing and pulling movements without sacrificing valuable floor space. Each arm has multiple handle angles based on Hammer Strength’s Ground Based Jammer and Ground Based Squat Lunge to ensure users have the right grip for all movements. The Lightning Arms are incredibly light and can be mounted and dismounted quickly with our simple twisting mechanism—no tools required. Bar supports sold separately.

Utility Band Pegs come as a pair and are used for high, mid or low band training and band storage. Whether it’s on the front, rear or side of the rack, there’s no limit to how and where these can be used. Each peg comes equipped with a Hammer Strength Lock Knob so that it stays securely in place during training and is easy to move when adjusting its position. Pegs and HS Lock Knob can also lock Bar Catches in place. 

The Power Pivot bolts to any Hammer Strength rack and provides a rotating mount that can be used both pushing and pulling barbell movements. Designed with a multi-bushing swivel joint, movement in all directions feels fluid and seamless—just as it should during training. When not in use, the Power Pivot is hardly noticeable and tucks tightly against your rack. Olympic Bar not included. 

The Nordic Hamstring is a modular add-on that packs a ton of versatility into a small package. Designed with comfort, style and function, this add-on features a 5½” thick, injection-molded pad that provides sturdy and reliable support during exercise. The Nordic Ham can be positioned low for posterior chain development or high for single leg exercises inside or outside the rack. It comes with a Hammer Strength Lock Knob so that it stays securely in place during training and is easy to move when adjusting its position. When not in use, the Nordic Hamstring can be stored nicely on a crossmember or in the Utility Storage Post.

The Battle Rope Anchor is a mounting point that allows for rope training. It has a 1″-diameter, chrome-plated ring that is gentle on the battle rope but creates a stable hold during high-intensity rope training. The Battle Rope Anchor is modular and can connect to any crossmember or upright with holes spaced at 6” on center. Battle Rope not included.

Utility Storage Posts come as a pair and act as a universal, multi-directional storage solution for add-ons. With the ability to go almost anywhere on your rack, you can place these however you’d like along training or storage uprights to give you the ultimate storage flexibility. Starting as a simple suggestion, this add-on turned into something you can never have enough of on your rack—more storage.

Flexible Bar Catches help ensure a safe training zone when lifting inside a power rack. Designed with reinforced nylon, these straps disperse the impact of a drop on the rack and prevent knurling damage to bars. The front and back of the straps can be offset for the bar to roll away if dropped when squatting. When not in use, these straps can be rolled up and easily stored.

A Hammer Strength original, the Bull Horn has many storage capabilities and can fit multiple plate sizes on its dual-weight horn structure. While a single Bull Horn can be used for efficient change-plate storage, several Bull Horns positioned on a storage upright (combo racks only) provide a 90° plate storage solution, allowing for greater storage capacity and easily accessible loading / unloading of plates.

Another Hammer Strength original, the Dock N’ Lock was created to ensure a bench is centered and locked in place when being used in a rack. With 9 different adjustments in 1” increments, the Dock N’ Lock provides the right amount of depth adjustability to lock in your bench for precise positioning. This add-on mounts to the lower Spider Gusset crossmember in the back of a rack and is reversible to accommodate platform inserts.

Spotter Platforms are the perfect tool for assisting others on big lifts. Coming as a pair, the Spotter Platforms attach directly to HD Elite iD training uprights and provide a high point for spotters to stand on. This add-on also features a chrome pin and large paint guards to protect the rack’s finish. When not in use, Spotter Platforms can be flipped and stored snugly against the upright to create additional clearance for squatting or walking through the rack.

Hammer Strength Lock Knobs allow users to quickly and easily remove and/or change the location of different modular add-ons, such as the Modular Power Pivot, Utility Peg and Nordic Ham. Each Knob features an inset screw to minimize hardware exposure and paint marring on your uprights. The Knobs also include a small, heavy-duty magnet near the base of the Knob, which reduces lost knobs and allows you to store them when not in use

The low-profile Dual Bar Hangar holds two Olympic bars vertically by their sleeves and mounts to the top crossmember of any Hammer Strength Rack. This add-on features 3 storage hooks for added storage. Each Dual Bar Hanger has a chrome-plated finish and was designed to help shield the rack finish from being scratched. (1 included with every HD Elite iD Rack)

Meant to hold a single Olympic bar vertically by its sleeve, this low-profile bar hanger can be mounted on the crossmember of any Hammer Strength Rack. This add-on is finished with a matte charcoal powder coat and was designed to help shield the rack finish from being scratched.

Hammer Strength’s Low Bar Storage is a convenient, low-profile bar storage solution. Inside the sleeve is a plastic guard to help protect Olympic Bars when dropped into the storage cylinder. The cylinder is angled slightly away from the rack to ensure the bar won’t contact the rack and damage its finish.

Not compatible with Platform Insert.

Similar to Hammer Strength’s flagship bolt-on Power Pivot, the Modular Power Pivot provides a rotating mount for both pushing and pulling barbell movements. But this add-on can be placed almost anywhere on the rack. The modularity provides athletes the ability to adjust the position quickly to perform sport specific movements. This add-on comes equip with a Hammer Strength Lock Knob so that it stays securely in place during training and is easy to move when adjusting its position. When not in use, it can be stored on a crossmember or a Utility Storage Post. Olympic Bar not included.

With Hammer Strength’s Standard Weight Horns, weight plates can be conveniently positioned on the storage uprights of a rack without needing a separate storage unit taking up valuable floor space. Each Standard Horn has a 7” (18 cm) length and is chrome plated for a premium finish and a smooth transition when sliding plates on and off. Standard Weight Horns sold in pairs.

Large XL Weight Horns allow for convenient weight plate storage on the uprights of a rack without needing a separate storage unit taking up valuable floor space. Each XL Horn has an 11” (28 cm) length and is chrome plated for a premium finish and a smooth transition when sliding plates on and off. XL Weight Horns sold in pairs.

The rigidity of your rack is incredibly important, but so is the power of your branding. We elevated our signature Anvil Plates—which provide our HD Elite iD racks with Zero Deflection Technology—with the ability to place your logo on them.

With this new customisation option, you can proudly show not only the unparalleled robustness of these racks, but also your unique brand identity from all viewing angles.

The ability to add Custom Signs has been a staple of Hammer Strength racks. So, we optimised our signs to bolt directly to the gussets of our rear crossmember, giving you the ability to add a custom sign easily without complicating your pull-up options.

Hammer Strength signs are standard, but customising these signs with your logo helps bring your brand and HD Elite iD racks to life. Time to make a statement that is both powerful and unforgettable.

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