Introducing the UNEX Balustrade Hampton Style Balustrade. This sleek and versatile balustrade features 50x16mm fins between vertical square posts, making it ideal for stairs, decks, or privacy screens. 

Crafted with quality and durability in mind, it adds a touch of elegance to any space. Upgrade with the UNEX Hampton Aluminium Framed Balustrade and experience timeless style and functionality.

A site-specific PS1 is required for installation, ensuring compliance with regulations.

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    Glass Balustrades, Metal Fencing
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    New Zealand
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    Commercial and Residential
  • Vertical 50x16mm Fins set between vertical square posts
  • Face fixed to timber, concrete or steel with a range of six top rails to choose from
  • Designed with concealed assembly fasteners, simple clean lines, tidy joints with no welds
  • Fixings are grade 316 stainless steel, which is less susceptible to tarnishing
  • Support from NZ’s leading balustrade specialists
  • In-house engineering expertise provide site-specific solutions
  • Hampton is custom fabricated to suit the requirements of each project. Panels are designed to fit each balcony, staircase or other required location at varying heights. Addition of sheet metal or handrails to this design are possible for aesthetic or compliance requirements.
  • Site-specific PS1 is required
Scope of use

Hampton balustrade style is designed for, but is not limited to, use in projects within the following scope: 

  • Can be used on but not limited to, internal and external decks, mezzanines, and stairways. 
  • Suitability for the occupancy type for part of the building or structure but cannot be used for C5 or F/G 
  • Can be used in all wind zones up to and including Extra High. In rare or extreme locations wind reverberation can be caused. 
  • Building height up to three stories or 10 m 
  • Hampton balustrade style is custom fabricated to the requirements of each project. Prior to fabrication, the following project selections must be confirmed by the specifier: Height, top / lower rail profiles, fixing detail. 
  • Can be used in top fixed and side fixed applications. Specifications allow fixing into concrete, masonry, timber and steel. 
  • Hampton balustrade style is compatible with other features such as gates, handrails and custom aluminum sheets.
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UNEX delivers exceptional, high-performing balustrade solutions which keep Kiwis safe everywhere where they live, work and play.

From consent to fabrication to installation, UNEX provides builders and specifiers bespoke support on every step of the safety journey, no matter how exceptional the build. As New Zealand’s leading balustrade specialists, our balustrades offer unbeatable quality and safety paired with premium service for magnificent results. 

For two generations, UNEX has built the leading-edge capability and expertise to create pre-engineered balustrade solutions which take the guesswork out of the compliance process for projects at every scale – from first-home residential builders to multi-unit commercial developers.


  • Pool Surrounds
  • Balconies
  • Handrails
  • Safety Barriers
  • Screens Between Floor Levels


  • Residential Homes
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  • Multi-Unit Developments
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