Haynes Glass LED Eclipse Mirror

Introducing the Eclipse LED system, a sophisticated solution that imparts a subtle yet significant enhancement to any mirror. This back-lighting system is installed with stand-off clips at the rear of the mirror, producing a soft, glowing effect along its edges. The strategic placement of the lighting serves to accentuate textures on the adjacent wall and cast a subtle glow on the face, resulting in a contemporary, high-end 'eclipse' inspired ambiance.

Positioned at an approximate distance of 16mm from the wall, the LED system provides a nuanced visual depth, contributing to a refined and modern aesthetic. These backlit systems may be used in combination with our standard, frame and bevelled styles.

  • Category
    Bathroom Mirrors, LED Mirrors
  • Range
  • Brand
    Haynes Glass
  • Warranty
    3 years
  • Extras
    With integrated lighting
  • Shape
    • Rectangular
    • Round
    • Oval
  • Functional features
    OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode)
  • Orientation

The LED system combines functional utility with unobtrusive elegance, working in with various interior decor styles. Its discreet luminosity enhances the mirror's reflective properties, while the subdued glow on the surrounding wall adds a touch of sophistication.

As a testament to its versatility, this system finds application in both residential and commercial settings, catering to discerning homeowners and establishments alike. Designed to complement existing decor without overpowering the space, the LED system presents a reserved, but noteworthy, visual spectacle.

Note: Installation requires pre-wiring for power, along with the inclusion of an accessible switch by a certified electrician.


Measure and Quote

We offer a free, no obligation measure and quote in the Greater Auckland region. Contact us for a quote over the phone, via email, or to arrange to meet a consultant on site. If you havent already chosen your mirror design, our consultant is experienced to help you in the selection process. On acceptance of a quote we will conduct a final measure.


Installation requires pre-wiring for power, along with the inclusion of an accessible switch by a certified electrician. The wall must be generally flat, but not necessarily stopped as the rear silvering is well covered, fully opaque and free of read through. Our consultant can make recommendations on site if anything is necessary. All cupboards vanities and powerpoints should be installed and in position for a final measure. If its necessary, with a little co-ordinated planning, items can go be fitted after the final installation (but it is difficult to modify the mirror).


We will call and arrange a time to fit the glass. The installation generally takes 1-2 hours depending on the size of the job. We can either glue fix mirrors to the wall or install brackets for hanging. Occasionally it may involve co-ordination with a plumber if taps require removal, or an electrician if the installation is effected by wall wiring.

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