Certified brand quality

  • At Hörmann, doors and operators are perfectly matched to each other and approved and certified by independent established institutes for your safety. 
  • Thanks to excellent technical solutions and uncompromising quality assurance, you receive a 10-year warranty on all Hörmann side sliding sectional doors and a 5-year warranty on Hörmann operators.

Easily fitted.
The frame of the side sliding sectional door is easy to screw together and can subsequently be fastened completely to the garage wall. Fitting in tight areas with only 140 to 450 mm sideroom is made possible with the DS track application with double side guide rails. Precise door travel Twin rollers made of wear-resistant plastic move reliably and precisely on the aluminium rail and prevent the door sections from jumping out. They also make the door move quietly and easily, making it a breeze to operate the door by hand as well. Stable connecting hinges on the rollers and between the PU-foamed 42-mm-thick sections ensure good door leaf stability.

Flexible and weather-resistant seals on the sides and in the lintel area of the door frame keep out the wind and rain. The side seal optimally fills the door gap with a large-sized profile lip. Seals between the individual sections and at the bottom edge also provide for good door sealing.

Securely locked
The bottom and top door guide close the door precisely. Two additional hooks on the side of the door firmly connect the end of the door leaf with the side frame. This mechanical lock is also practical for preventing the door from being forced open. To improve break-in resistance, doors can be optionally equipped with 3-point locking at the closing edge.

The aluminium floor rail reliably guides the door sections and prevents the sections from swiveling out. A flat design of only 25 mm makes it easy to drive in and out. It is easy to clean out dirt and leaves from the rail, as it is open on the ends.

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Glideaway Garage Door Systems
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Glideaway ‘The Door Specialists’

Glideaway have been involved in the door industry for over 35 years offering residential, commercial and industrial door systems throughout New Zealand. Glideaway’s wealth of knowledge and expertise gives us The Edge when it comes to specialist door systems. Glideaway manufacture, import, supply and Install doors systems for any application big or small, simple or complicated.

Glideaway are offering New Zealander’s world class door products which are either manufactured here in New Zealand or sourced from overseas from world leading door manufactures and designers. Glideaway have built and are still building great relationships with many World class door manufacturers. Glideaway can offer you a full package from door design to door installation. Glideaway’s goal is to provide you with the Best Door system best suited for Your application.

Our Vision: To be New Zealand’s preferred supplier and manufacturer of specialist door systems for Residential, Commercial & Industrial applications.

Our Mission: Glideaway Doors consists of a team of positive individuals who work in continual pursuit of our visionary goal.

We are in the business of manufacturing and importing Specialist door systems for the residential and commercial market throughout New Zealand & Australia.

We believe that excellent customer service is the only standard and we will continually strive for efficiency with in our operation so that our service advantage is never compromised.