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INTEGRA Lightweight Concrete Fencing System

A lightweight fencing system comprising, 50mm thick reinforced AAC masonry fence panel. Security, acoustics, and aesthetics are primary factors when considering perimeter fencing to your property. Rockcote INTEGRA AAC Masonry fence systems offerthe flexibility to meet these demands in a cost effective manner that will stand the test of time.

Proven Technology: Integra AAC masonry fence panels are a tried and tested method of construction around the world. Incorporating the benefits of sound absorbing qualities, and speed of installation to create a solid, lightweight fence solution in residential and commercial applications.

The INTEGRA AAC Fence panels are steel mesh reinforced and bonded together with a mortared joint. The panels are screw fixed into timber or steel posts, and coated with premium Rockcote Resene plaster and paint finishes to ensure the strength, integrity and durability of the System.

Durable: Integra AAC masonry fence panels perform exceptionally well in extreme environments where moisture, soil contact and salt air can cause problems. When installed to our specifications Integra panels create a solid, durable fencing system you can trust.

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