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Jet Towel High Speed Hand Dryers

Eliminate the cost of paper towel maintenance with the Mitsubishi Electric Range of Jet Towel Hand Dryers that utilise high-speed air to quickly and effectively dry hands. As a result, they are the more environmentally friendly, cost-effective and hygienic solution for commercial bathroom spaces. Furthermore, the range features a smarter nozzle design that reflects the perfect balance between airspeed and volume; for even greater energy efficiencies.

The cost of constantly replacing paper towels each day can be staggering. Because Jet Towels only use electricity to operate, significantly lower maintenance costs can be realised. In addition, switching to a Jet Towel not only keeps commercial bathrooms cleaner but also sends a positive message to users about a facility’s attitude towards the environment.

There are two styles available - the Jet Towel Slim and Jet Towel Smart. And with a range of colour options available, it means that there is a stylish solution to fit any commercial bathrooms aesthetic. 

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