Adding a drop-down screen to your louvre roof design gives you protection from breezes and privacy from nearby neighbours. Modern outdoor screen fabrics are designed to lessen the effects of the wind, and let in light without blocking the view. The semi-translucent fabric allows you to see through lowered drop-down screens from the inside, but block out prying eyes from the outside.

Sidetracks are fitted onto the support legs/beams which encapsulate the edges of drop-down screens; this holds the screens firmly in place and also helps guide the screen for effortless opening and closure.

Optional wind sensors are available that detect potentially damaging winds and automatically roll the drop-down screens away. Like the louvre roof, the motorised operation of the drop-down screens is programmed into one remote control. 

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    Outdoor Blinds, Louvre Roofs, Pergolas
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    Drop Down Screens
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    Juralco Drop Down Screens
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    5 years

The Juralco SolarZip™ Awning is a compact, ready-to-install, vertical screen system designed for outside use anywhere protection is needed from sun or rain. All of the components are made of aluminium alloy, powder coated to your requirements, forming a highly-resistant, lightweight, rust-proof construction. The awning is designed to adapt to all types of openings up to 4m wide. Installation is straightforward. SolarZip™ awnings operation is either manual or by a tubular electric motor, fitted with remote control. A range of attractive light filtering fabrics are available.

Scope of use
  • Retain view and natural light
  • Additional wind protection
  • Privacy barrier
  • Close in outdoor room
  • Protection from sun can block out 90% of harmful UV

5 Year warranty

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Juralco is a market leader in custom made aluminium products for the architecture industry. Juralco has an innovative range of New Zealand designed products and have a nationwide network of product dealers who are experts in designing, fabricating and installing specified products to New Zealand building code requirements.

Juralco is a privately owned New Zealand company based in Auckland with nationwide service. The company began in the early 1960s, initially offering security screens to the market. Since then Juralco has proven expertise in a range of products that include balustrades, awnings, louvre roofs, aluminium fencing & gates and applies this experience and innovative thinking to a range of other home improvement products and systems.

Juralco works closely with architects to provide the right system, to the right regulations, and at an incredibly high standard of both service and product quality. 

Juralco has its own Aluminium Surface Finishing Facility. Fully accredited as a Dulux Registered Aluminum Applicator, our state of the art plant uses sophisticated automatic powder-coating technology with ultra-fast colour change control, which meets stringent quality conditions and international standards.