The new high speed HRS KLEEMANN Lift delivers outstanding ride quality and innovative lift monitoring technology, perfect for a range of high-rise commercial and public buildings. The Remote Lift Monitoring system provides a central information system that enables the efficient and simultaneous management of up to 18 lifts, ideal for larger buildings operating high density passenger flow. Destination Control ensures reduced waiting times and a smooth and stress-free passenger experience.

Featuring a maximum speed of up to 4m/sec, HRS KLEEMANN provides a series of advantages and innovations.

  • Category
    Lifts & Elevators
  • Range
    Commercial & Public
  • Brand
  • Warranty
    12 months

Model: HRS (MRL) | HRS (MR)
Rated Load (Kg): 630-1275 | 1000-1600
Suspension: 2:1
Machine Room: MRL | MR
Max Travel (m): 150
Max Number of Stops: 47
Max Speed (m/s): 2,5 | 4,0
Min Pit Depth (mm): 1800 | 1800
Min Headroom (mm )4450 | 4140
Maximum car entrances: 2


World class design
A wide range of cabin types and operating panels has been specifically created for KLEEMANN by the industrial designer Andreas Zapatinas.

Premium ride quality
The isolated roller guide shoes limit vibrations and offer premium ride quality and cost saving. Due to the spring system and the permanent contact with the guide rail, the high-quality rollers are granted with an exceptionally long service life.

Improved lift management
Providing the opportunity for improved lift management, the Remote Lift Monitoring System is an excellent solution for buildings with multiple lifts.

Reduced waiting times
The Destination Control System reduces waiting times by serving the increased number of calls, where it is important for the passengers to be transported rapidly.

Extra safety features
Safety and durability in public buildings are enhanced with the special features for vandal resistant lifts (EN81-71), firefighting lifts (EN81-72) and earthquake resistant lifts (EN 81-77 or ASME A17.1).

Energy saving product which reduces CO2 emission up to 60% using a regeneration drive, stand-by-mode and led lighting.

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