Mindscape Rug Collection

Mae Engelgeer’s Mindscape collection investigates gesture in the digital realm, exploring spatial and architectural gestures. Engelgeer creates patterns from complex compositions, mirroring, splicing and replicating to achieve her otherworldly designs, taking the viewer on a journey to another space. “With the echo of Bliss in mind I wanted to underline my signature of creating poetic and atmospheric designs into a new series of rugs, taking the aesthetics to another level,” she describes of her inspiration.

In Mindscape, Engelgeer ventures into an alternate universe, revealing a scenography of extraordinary pastel color combinations. Rendered in wool, silk and linen, the contrasting materials provide textural variations that mirror the design. Different techniques are used to create depth and space to reveal a calm and synergetic dreamscape.

  • Category
    Floor Rugs
  • Designer
    Mae Engelgeer
  • Year
SKU: Mindscape Rug Collection-Scope Rug-300-210
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