South Pacific Timber's commitment to local manufacturing ensures the end products retain a distinct Kiwi identity. The care and precision that goes into each moulding piece are evident, reflecting not only the company's high standards but also the skills of the local artisans involved. The products embody a distinctive blend of traditional woodworking techniques combined with modern technology, which results in the perfect balance of sophistication and rustic charm.

A standout aspect of South Pacific Timber's product range is the variety of timber species used, each imparting unique characteristics to the mouldings. From the vibrant Radiata Pine to the sturdy New Zealand Redwood, customers can choose from an array of indigenous and exotic timber species based on their requirements and preferences.

One can't discuss South Pacific Timber without touching upon its commitment to sustainability. The company not only ensures the timber it sources is from sustainable and managed forests but also implements processes that minimize waste and energy usage. This commitment to eco-conscious practices solidifies South Pacific Timber’s reputation as a responsible local manufacturer that's doing its part to protect New Zealand's lush green landscapes.

Moreover, South Pacific Timber takes pride in delivering unparalleled customer service. Their dedicated team of experts provide tailored advice, helping customers navigate through the extensive range of mouldings. This level of customer-centric service, coupled with high-quality products, has earned South Pacific Timber a reputation for excellence within and beyond New Zealand’s shores.

The company's efforts in local manufacturing have reinforced the national economy, provided employment opportunities, and encouraged the growth of local skillsets. South Pacific Timber’s success is a shining example of a company integrating commercial success with environmental stewardship and local community support.

In conclusion, South Pacific Timber is more than just a purveyor of timber mouldings; it's a custodian of New Zealand's rich timber heritage. Its extensive range of locally manufactured timber mouldings stands as a testament to the company's commitment to quality, sustainability, and community. South Pacific Timber is a beacon of Kiwi ingenuity, weaving a narrative of local craftsmanship into each piece of timber moulding while preserving the natural beauty of New Zealand.

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    Exterior Decorative Mouldings, Skirtings, Mouldings & Jambs, Window Mouldings
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    South Pacific Timber
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    New Zealand
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    Commercial and Residential
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    Self-cleaning product
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Ceiling Battens, Handrails, Window Joinery, Door Joinery, Picture Rail, Scotia / Cornice


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