Natural Pedestal Stone Basin

We ground the outside skin from this rock and gave it a Matte finish and a refined top lip. Sure to impress. Seen only in the best addresses and luxury homes in New York, Monaco, Aspen, Auckland, Queenstown & Sydney.

The freestanding pedestal stone wash basin is designed to sit on the bathroom floor, powder room, day spa or guest bathroom. Not only used and known for its functionality, but for its beauty & simplicity.

Beautifully handcrafted from 1 solid stone boulder, this basin creates a contemporary look that gives flexibility to mix & match styles, colour & materials. A timeless unique look that lasts forever.

Amplify the look of your bathroom, powder room or guest quarters, restaurant or cafe. Each basin has its own shape and may even have naturally occurring imperfections in the compressed layers of natural stone which creates a unique and natural look.

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    Stone Basins & Baths

Natural inclusions inside the bowl and externally, these are all natural and the beauty is in the formation of the rock see photos

Outside Dimensions:

  •  Width: 60cm
  •  Front to Back: 54cm
  •  Height: 83cm
  •  300kg

Inside Dimensions:

  •  Width: 35cm
  •  Front to Back: 34cm
  •  Depth of Bowl: 16cm

Rear Plumping Cavity:

  •  54cm x 34cm
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