Rinnai Novo Inbuilt Gas Fireplace

Inspired by the much-loved Rinnai Neo

The Novo is a stylish and versatile gas fire that is perfect for open plan areas, living rooms, and large bedrooms. There are two styles to choose from, the contemporary black frame, or the classic villa-style frame option.

  • Category
    Gas Fireplaces
  • Range
  • Warranty
    5 years

Suitable for masonry installations and installations into a mock chimney in open plan areas and living rooms. As a room sealed (direct vent) appliance it can also be installed in larger bedrooms if this meets the requirements of AS/NZS 5601.1.

Heating areas (up to)
- Upper North Island: 112 m2
- Central and lower North Island: 77 m2
- South Island: 65 m2

  • Input - 14-30 MJ/h
  • Output - 3.6-6.6 - kW
  • Efficiency - 80%
  • Warranty - 5 years

Input and output will vary according to gas type and flue configuration. 5 year firebox warranty, 2 year total warranty.


  • RDV2320MN (Novo Inbuilt masonry NG)
  • RDV2320ML (Novo Inbuilt masonry LPG)
  • RDV2320CN (Novo Inbuilt mock chimney NG)
  • RDV2320CL (Novo Inbuilt mock chimney LPG)

Gas type

Available for Natural Gas or ULPG, specify at the time of purchase.

Data plate

Lower right hand side of the base panel (in front of the gas control)

Convection fan

120 V AC 50 Hz 2-speed centrifugal blower.

Gas connection

Brass ½ " BSPT male fitting. The gas supply terminates inside the unit—lower RHS of the appliance.


230-240 V AC 50 Hz high voltage electronic spark.

Installation considerations

Room size, smaller rooms will heat up quickly, and due to the heat of the appliance, the fire will turn to a low setting once the set temperature has been reached.

Flue masonry

Colinear direct vent flexi flue, air intake Ø75 mm, exhaust Ø100 mm

Flue mock chimney

Coaxial direct vent flue, inner Ø100 mm, outer Ø170 mm

Noise level

37-45 dB(A)


A 1.5 m power cord with a three pin plug is supplied. The power cord passes through a slot in the back left hand corner of the appliance.

Safety devices

Flame failure sensing system, pressure relief, overheat safety switch, air temperature sensor, thermal fuse, overcurrent fuse, and spark detection.

Temperature control

Operated using a basic infra-red remote, or for more features such as timers and thermostatic control, by using a Wi-Fi module (purchased separately) and using the Rinnai Wi-Fi fireplace controller app.


Approx. 64 kg


Temperature control
Back-to-basics simple infra-red remote makes operation easy and stress-free, or upgrade to Wi-Fi capability with our Wi-Fi module kit.

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