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OvertakingDoors® Cavity Slider

CS OvertakingDoors have an extra-thick cavity pocket, enabling a series of doors (up to five) to stack side-by-side inside the wall. These units make great room dividers, allowing you to maximise the size of the door opening.

Ideal spaces that benefit from this type of room divider are boardrooms, classrooms, living areas etc.


  • Patented cavity frame is fully tested and guaranteed. It is engineered from high quality heavy duty extruded aluminium
  • Door and carriages can be removed without removing wall linings
  • Available as Single or Bi-Parting (double) units with up to 5 doors per pocket
  • Doors cannot jump off the track
  • 140mm framing required (2 doors). Wider framing (50mm per extra door) is required for units with more than 2 doors
  • Supplied fully assembled for on-site installation
  • No visible floor guides
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