Paladin Cast Iron Radiators - Leading UK Traditional Cast Iron Radiator Manufacturer

WARMNZ are proud to be the sole NZ distributor of Paladin cast iron radiators, valves and accessories.

Paladin Radiators are leading specialists in cast iron radiators that are custom built in their UK workshop.

Paladin radiators are available with varying heat outputs and finishes to suit your home.

Their traditional style classic radiators have been plumbed into many unique homes across the world including Government House Nova Scotia Canada, the Tate Gallery and Somerset House London.

For more than a decade Paladin have created magnificent radiators for authenticity and superb detail, ideal for heating both traditional and contemporary buildings.

Paladin have worked with the National Trust and become a registered National Trust supplier and have also worked with English Heritage providing cast iron radiators for many important buildings. No longer is the cast iron radiator an elitist product, expensive and rare, it is now available to all as an affordable option.

Paladin Workshop Team provide magnificent hand finished paint finishes on their radiators and Paladin were the first traditional style cast iron radiator company to offer the hand polished option. Over the years the antiqued effect and the highlight effect have offered clients the opportunity to create a stunning centre piece for their homes, creating a bespoke beautifully finished product that is not only a functional piece but a work of art in iron.

All Paladin cast iron radiators are carefully custom hand built and finished to your requirements. They are hand built in their UK workshop by their skilled technicians to sizes from 3 - 20 sections. Each radiator can be custom finished in the colour or paint effect of your choice or hand polished to accentuate it's beauty.

Their radiators are delivered to you complete with plugs, bushes and air vents with ½ inch or ¾ inch connections ready for connection onto your existing heating system.

Each radiator is tested to BS EN 442 certification standards and covered by a 10 year guarantee.

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Paladin's Custom Finish Choices

A great choice of exciting custom finishes to suit all cast iron radiators

At Paladin they pride themselves on offering a wide choice of wonderful finishing touches for cast iron radiators. Some of these custom finishes are unique to Paladin and have been perfected over the years by the Paladin Production Team to create beautifully stunning bespoke cast iron radiators for your home.

Paladin's custom finishes include, hand polishing, a great choice of paint colours (metallic, historical or choose your own paint colour) and the fantastic Paladin paint effects, the antiqued effect and the highlight effect. They have created individual and stunning radiators using these custom finishes for hollywood stars, famous celebrities and Royalty and have worked alongside architects and designers to create bespoke cast iron radiators for famous historic buildings, both privately and publicly owned.

They pride ourselves in creating something wonderful and unique with all our custom finishes.

Hand Polished Cast Iron Radiators

Paladin's hand polished service offers the opportunity of transforming cast iron radiators into a remarkably stunning centre piece. Each cast iron radiator section is individually hand polished to accentuate beautiful detail and shape, the Rolls Royce of finishes

Metallic Colours

Paladin's metallic colours are very popular and their Paladin Team have created 8 unique metallic colour choices, each will provide a stunning and durable metallic paint finish for the battleship grey tones, rich copper or illustrious gold tones.

Historical Colours

Paladin's historical colours are a fine choice for creating that authentic historical finish for cast iron radiators. Paladin use the Farrow and Ball historical colour range which has so many interesting historically correct colours to choose from.

Your Own Colour Choice

The Paladin Team can custom mix any paint colour for your cast iron radiator. They can mix from a RAL reference or to a brand you have used. Your cast iron radiator can be as vibrant as you wish it to be.

Antique Cast Iron Radiators Paint Effect

Their antique cast iron radiator paint effects have been perfected over the years and Paladin can create a hand finished antique cast iron radiator paint effect for your radiator to match you decor perfectly.

Highlight Paint Effect

Paladin's highlight paint effect has been perfected over years and is unique to Paladin. They offer a choice of 3 highlight colours, gold, copper and pewter. Each adds a truely wonderful dimension to any ornate cast iron radiator.

Valves and Accessories

Radiator Pipe Sleeves and Floor Caps

Paladin Radiators offer a wide range of radiator pipe sleeves and floor caps which perfectly match the finish of their radiator valves. These create a seamless join from floor to radiator and are available in a range of decorative finishes. The floor caps conceal the hole in the floor where the copper pipe runs up. The pipe sleeve is designed to sleeve over 15mm copper pipe to enclose it in a casing that matches the finish of your chosen radiator valves. The overall look when installing pipe sleeves and floor caps is stunning and neat as they hide the copper pipe connections going up into your radiator valves.

For a great finishing touch simply sleeve your copper pipes with our cast iron radiator pipe sleeves and cast iron radiator floor caps to perfectly match your radiator valves. Their radiator pipe sleeves and floor caps are available in Antique Brass, Antique Copper, Polished Brass, Polished Chrome and Brushed Nickel. They really do add that extra edge of finish to a cast iron radiator as they match so well with our range of both manual radiator valves and thermostatic radiator valves.

Buckingham Radiator Pipe Sleeves and Floor Caps

The Buckingham radiator pipe sleeves and floor caps are especially designed to match perfectly the Buckingham thermostatic radiator valve and the Buckingham manual radiator valve choice.

The floor cap is particularly attractive with its fluted design to match the top of the Buckingham radiator valve.They certainly do give that superb finishing touch to your cast iron radiator when installed together with the Buckingham radiator valve.

Ornate Cast Iron Radiator Bush Ends

Paladin Radiators now offer the choice of an exciting new unique range of stunning ornate cast iron bush ends to enhance the look of our cast iron radiators. All Paladin cast iron radiators come with plain style cast iron bush ends as part of the radiator price however you may choose to have an ornate bush end to really finish the look of our cast iron radiators.

On many original cast iron radiators, including the plain column cast iron radiator, you will often find an ornate bush end. Paladin Radiators always strive to achieve a look that is as authentic as possible with great attention to detail and we are the only cast iron radiator company to offer these ornate bush ends.

These ornate cast iron bush ends have been created by Paladin Radiators from original cast iron bush ends to look amazing with both the ornate or plain cast iron radiators within the Paladin Radiator range. We offer the Chatsworth and The Hampton designs. Please note the Hampton ornate cast iron radiator bush ends come as standard on the Shaftsbury and Piccadilly cast iron radiators.

Traditional Cast Iron Radiator Valves and Accessories

Choose from Paladin’s extensive range of traditional radiator valves and accessories to complete the look of our cast iron radiator, or choose a contemporary style valve from our extensive thermostatic and manual radiator valves for your modern home. Our radiator valves are available in a range of finishes including antique and burnished brass, brushed nickel, polished chrome, polished brass, black nickel and antique copper.

We also stock a range of wall stays for cast iron radiator safety as well as a range of pipe sleeves and floor caps to match the radiator valves perfectly. All our valves carry a guarantee. The Paladin Team can help with your choice of radiator valves and accessories.

Difference between a thermostatic and a manual radiator valve

You can choose either a manual cast iron radiator valve, or choose a thermostatic cast iron radiator valve which will give you full temperature control so you can regulate the temperature of each individual cast iron radiator to suit the heat you would like for a room. Our thermostatic radiator valve provides flexible heat that is more efficient.

Manual Radiator Valves

A beautiful collection of manual radiator valves for the contemporary or period home. A choice of ornate manual radiator valves for the period setting and plainer manual radiator valves for the contemporary room. The finishing touch for our custom built and finished cast iron radiators.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

A stunning range of thermostatic radiator valves carefully chosen for style and finish with the advantage of allowing you to regulate the temperature of each cast iron radiator. Choices available to compliment both the period and contemporary room.

Radiator Wall Stay

Choose from our range of quality cast iron radiator wall stays along with the luxury radiator wall stays available in a variety of finishes to match your cast iron radiator valves. Wall stays (otherwise known as wall brackets or wall ties) are required for maximum safety.

New Range Of Radiator Accessories

Paladin Radiators now offer a choice of luxury brass wall stays and bleed valves in a variety of finishes to match our custom paint and polished finishes. The new ornate cast iron radiator bush ends are also a very exciting new addition to our accessories range, they add another edge of authenticity to our cast iron radiators.

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