PVE30 Single Passenger Elevator

The pneumatic vacuum elevator PVE30 model is one of the world’s smallest residential home lifts with an outer diameter of only 75 cm. It is safe to say that there are very few households that do not have the space to install this small home elevator.

The pneumatic vacuum elevator PVE30 accommodates one person ( 159 kg) and is available in two, three and four stops (max. height 10.5m ).

Like other models of vacuum elevators the PVE30 is installed right on the existing floor. Our vacuum elevators do not need a pit or machine room.

The pneumatic vacuum elevator PVE30 is the perfect choice for single-family existing homes and townhouses, to be installed quickly and practically without construction works.

The pneumatic vacuum elevator, being a lift that runs on air , greatly reduces energy costs and maintenance, since no pulleys, cables, or pistons are used. This air driven residential elevator consumes minimal energy during ascent and zero during descent, also making it an ecofriendly elevator.

Made of aluminum and polycarbonate, the pneumatic vacuum elevator PVE combines functionality with an elegant design, being a transparent panoramic lift which allows 360 ° visibility inside the house.

  • Category
    Lifts & Elevators
  • Brand
    Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators LLC
  • Warranty
    3 years
  • Country of origin
    United States of America
  • Type of use
  • Installation
    Professional installation required

Technical Specifications

  • Two to five stops
  • Colors: White, Gray Navy, Black, Taupe and Light Gray.
  • Power Supply: 230 VAC – 50 Hz 3.0 KW
  • Size:
    a) External cylinder diameter: 750mm
    b) Internal Cabin diameter: 633mm
    c) Internal cabin height: 2005mm
  • Total Weight: 254kg for 3000mm ceiling
  • Lift Capacity: Standard model can carry up to 159Kg – (1 person)
  • Velocity: 0.15 m/sec
  • Inside the car
    LED lights
    Phone (optional)
  • Electrical Circuits: 24 V.
  • Lubrication: Not required
  • Installation: No excavation or shaft required. Elevator rests on floor. Self supported.
  • Safety: Pressure switch; on free fall elevator brakes within (50.8mm); on electricity cut elevator automatically descends to ground floor; alarm system in cabin; emergency ventilation; door safety switches; telephone (optional).
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About the

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators LLC are the designers and manufacturers of the only vacuum elevators in the world. PVE is an innovative, technology driven company that is revolutionising how people and goods are transported vertically. Started in 2002 in Miami, Florida, PVE is proudly manufacturing three different models of vacuum elevators, ranging from single passenger to a three passenger, wheelchair-accessible model.

Vacuum Elevators NZ Ltd. is the authorised distributor of Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators LLC in New Zealand. We offer a comprehensive suite of services for a seamless and worry-free experience. Our team ensures a smooth and aesthetically pleasing installation, enhancing the overall appeal of your property.

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators are available on every continent and now also in NZ to provide a clever and fashionable solution for vertical transportation in residential houses and luxury yachts.