Environmental Setting Pool

18m Infinity Pool in an Environmental Setting in West Auckland 

Custom Built Circular Spa Pool offset to the pool

Working alongside designers and landscapers Natural Habitats Landscapes; the pool and spa were designed to look as though they flowed on from a hillside spring and looked out towards the rugged West Coast Auckland.

The pool and spa are fully automated giving the homeowner the ability to remotely control the settings on their pool filtration, heating and lighting from a phone app compatible with iOS and Android phones.

The automatic pH dosing and ORP control also takes the guesswork out of maintaining the spa and swimming pool.

The pool is sanitised with therapeutic mineral salts that are pleasant to swim in and provides great hydrotherapy.

Complete with the addition of a Robotic Pool cleaner, the upkeep of this larger than usual pool does not need to be challenging.

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Auckland Inground Pools is a renowned company specialising in the construction of bespoke concrete swimming pools and spa pools and the restoration of existing concrete pools across New Zealand.

Established in 1999, our focus lies with delivering top notch service, clear communication, exceptional craftsmanship and staying up to date with the latest innovations to ensure a seamless and high quality journey from the initial concept to project completion.

Our track record showcases our ability to achieve outstanding outcomes across a wide variety of projects, including refurbishing existing pools and executing intricate designs for new architectural installations.

In 2022 we were honored to receive the prestigious Gold Award for Concrete Pool Builder of the Year, and followed up with New Zealands Pool of the Year in 2023 at the SPASA NZ annual awards.

Our dedication to our craft drives us, and we take immense pride in our work, striving to simplify the process for our clients as much as possible.