Pioneer Pools offers a range of Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Systems. Please click through the tabs on this product to our preferred chlorination and cleaning systems for our swimming pools.

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The Chemigem uses a multi-electrode (probe) to analyse water quality whenever the system is running and adds precise doses of chlorine and acid to maintain optimum water quality.

Dosing can be via the highly-efficient solenoid valves or peristaltic pumps. The Chemigem can also be used to control a salt chlorinator for those who prefer salt pools.


  • Chemigem and Pool Controls – Experience and Innovation.
  • Efficiency and Control.
  • Versatility and value for money.
  • Aftercare and Service.
  • Timer for your Pool Lighting.
  • Choose a Chemigem to suit your needs.
INTELLICHEM Chemical Controller


  • Eliminates the time and guesswork that lead to imbalances as bather loads change and airborne contaminants invade your pool.
  • Eliminates eye and skin irritation and the odor caused by out-of-balance water conditions.
  • Helps protect your pool equipment from corrosion caused when pH swings in and out of balance.
  • Minimizes chemical costs by adding chemicals with precision, and only when needed, to eliminate waste. No more manual handling of  chlorine and acid.
  • Makes sanitizer more effective by eliminating fluctuations in pH level.
  • Auto Setup/Configuration wizard makes start-up quick and easy.

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Sta-Rite Max-E-Pro
  • Very smooth, powerful, Energy Efficient and quiet operation
  • Stainles steel motor shaft, brass wear rings, cool shaft seal
  • Elevated motor, easily/quickly removes from pump
  • 1 year warranty
  • Extremely Efficient Motors – are featured on the Max-E-Pro pump models.  They use less energy to do more work than other pumps with similar horsepower ratings.
  • Large Capacity Trap – can handle large debris without clogging.
  • Plumbing Flexibility – 2″ ports with internal and external threads and unions facilitate fast, easy Max E Pro installation.
  • Fast Cleaning – New Quick-Lock trap ring, with a permanently lubricated O-ring, permits fast access to the Max-E-Pro strainer basket. “See-thru” lid lets you check for debris without lifting a finger.
  • Top Efficiency – Max E Pro pumps do more work than pumps of equal or greater horsepower. Models available from 1/2 to 3HP.
  • Extremely Quiet – Specially designed base dampens sound and vibration.
  • Heavy Duty – Viton® shaft seal stands up to all chemicals.

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Cristal-Flo™ II Top-Mount Filters

Press, twist, and relax For residential inground or aboveground swimming pools requiring turnover through 59,000 gallons, at flow rates up to 20 GPM for 8 to 10 hours. Permanent media high rate sand filters in 15″, 17″, 20″, 24″ and 30″ diameter models accommodate large and small pools, offering the best combination of economy, performance, durability and ease of maintenance. Corrosion resistant, one-piece, extra-thick molded polyethylene tank assures long service life. Top-mounted, corrosion-resistant multiport selector valve included. Also includes a convenient tank winterizing drain and continuous air relief system.


  • Quality Construction Durable one-piece extra-thick molded polyethylene tank
  • Safe Internal air relief hole allows air to automatically escape, preventing high pressure buildup
  • 6-Position Valve Allows you to perform all necessary water movement functions. A transparent sight-glass adapter is included
  • Large Drain Plug Large drain plug is easy to get at for removing and installing by hand or with tools if required
  • Sleek Looks Contemporary style with a textured black finish that provides superior performance in all weather conditions

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PCC2000 Infloor Cleaning System

PCC2000 keeps your pool healthy and clean with a patented virtually invisible automatic dirt and debris removal system designed specifically for each unique setting.

PCC2000 is a cleaning and circulation system custom engineered specifically for the pool you create. It will clean any pool you design with pop-up spray nozzles built into your pool during construction. PCC2000 will clean steps, benches, fountains, walls, even your spa, any way you design it.

More than a simple cleaning system, PCC2000 is a better way to build your swimming pool. The pop-up nozzles push debris from every corner of your pool toward the Patented Collection Zone, an area stretching across the deepest part of your pool where debris is then directed to the active main drain. From there, pool waste travels to the optional debris containment canister designed for convenient deck-side access.

PCC2000’s pop-up nozzles come in 8 colours to complement your pool’s interior. They are virtually undetectable when not in use. This is a great improvement on the bulky robotic cleaners and floating hoses of yesterday. PCC2000 allows for unlimited creative freedom during pool design because its patented collection system is engineered using state-of-the-art C.A.D. technology for each unique setting. PCC2000’s cleaning system is not only safe for any pool surface, but also saves money in heating and chemicals over the lifetime of the pool.

Paramount’s PCC2000 enhances your pool invisibly, it keeps your backyard pool clean, automatically without your time and labor.

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Pool Vac Ultra® Cleaner

The Pool Vac Ultra automatic cleaner features new product enhancements such as wide, longer wearing wings, plus a 2-year warranty. The Pool Vac Ultra features our exclusive AquaPilot® programmed steering which assures that virtually all pools will be cleaned in under 3 – 4 hours. Quiet, attractive and efficient, the Pool Vac Ultra will provide years of satisfying performance.

Why is AquaPilot programmed steering better?
Hayward’s exclusive technology harnesses the flow of water through the filtration system to drive the Pool Vac Ultra in an alternating series of right and left-hand turns to systematically clean pool surfaces and ensure the best coverage and most efficient cleaning path. It cleans faster and better than random-style cleaners and reduces the possibility of missed or over-visited zones in the pool.


  • Longer wearing components (wings, flaps and shoes) for additional product longevity
  • Exclusive AquaPilot programmed steering pattern ensures the entire pool is cleaned quickly and completely
  • Unique turbine/gearing system provides constant balanced water flow assuring quiet operation and gentle movement across the pool bottom
  • Wide side wings increase speed of pool coverage by 10%
  • Installs in less than 10 minutes, without tools
Swimming Pool Deckdrain

Deckdrain is a practical, lightweight drainage system strong enough to cope with vehicular use and is the perfect answer around patios, swimming pools, barbecue areas, driveways and tennis courts. Deckdrains come in 3.0 metres lengths minimise joints required.

Features include:

  • Double wall bonded PVC drain system which remains straighter while concrete is being poured.
  • The snug fit top can easily be removed at cleaning time or be replaced.
  • Aluminium top cap comes standard in silver anodised aluminium.
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About the

Pioneer Pool and Building is a family business with 50 years experience. Its co-founders Harry Sweeney and Allan McNabb started the Christchurch swimming pool builders company in 1970. Harry’s background was in water treatment, filtration & municipal pool management. Allan’s was a building background.

They imported American ideas of shotcrete technology and developed formulations & techniques that are the basis of the system Pioneer Pool & Building still use today. Development and refining continues and forms a basic philosophy of the company. It enjoys frequent visits to the USA and Australia to such events as the NSPI world fair & Aberdeen’s world of concrete and as a subsequence are members of the Master Builders and American Shotcrete Association.

The company’s philosophy has always been incorporating the best available systems, materials and equipment. This covers the pool design, construction and maintenance of these products. This is achievable by the company’s construction experience, proven construction and equipment systems, and its ongoing maintenance section.

After Allan & Harry retired, the company was bought by Harry’s two sons, Paul & Chris.

Chris’ background is building. After qualifying as a carpenter, completing NZCB & 9 units NZQS, he was employed as a clerk of works for 4 years. Chris has been with the company for over 20 years.

Pioneer Pool and Building also has water testing for water chemistry balancing, and a range of maintenance services.