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PW1000 4 sided flush glazed unitised curtainwall

The Thermosash PW1000 is a four sided structurally glazed curtainwall suite designed for highrise or lowrise applications where the project has large spans or large panes of glass requiring higher strength systems. The suite has been extensively used and proven in New Zealand and our export markets since 1985.

The advantage of this system is, whilst it utlises a mullion and transom system internally to hold the glass or other elements, the surface is generally free from any visible aluminum structural element - providing a smooth glass face.  

The weathering design of these suites follows recognised international curtainwall design principles - rainscreen pressure equalisation and system drainage - which requires primary and secondary weathering. The rainscreen acts as a primary water-stop, the second airseal and cavity acts as a backup to collect and drain away any water that manages to penetrate the primary rainscreen barrier.

All internal cavities of the system are designed to be pressure equalised (ie no pressure differential between the outside face and any internal cavity). This feature allows the water which penetrates the rainscreen to drain freely back to the exterior. The rear air seal is critical to the system's weathering performance as air infiltration acts as the medium which transports water through to the building's interior, ie it is the prime cause of any leakage.

Sizing of modules is generally only limited by the project design requirements, economic considerations, transport and site crane installation limitations. We would be happy to discuss what these might be on your project. 

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