PW1000 4 sided flush glazed unitised curtainwall

The Thermosash PW1000 is a four sided structurally glazed curtainwall suite designed for highrise or lowrise applications where the project has large spans or large panes of glass requiring higher strength systems. The suite has been extensively used and proven in New Zealand and our export markets since 1985.

The advantage of this system is, whilst it utlises a mullion and transom system internally to hold the glass or other elements, the surface is generally free from any visible aluminum structural element - providing a smooth glass face.  

The weathering design of these suites follows recognised international curtainwall design principles - rainscreen pressure equalisation and system drainage - which requires primary and secondary weathering. The rainscreen acts as a primary water-stop, the second airseal and cavity acts as a backup to collect and drain away any water that manages to penetrate the primary rainscreen barrier.

All internal cavities of the system are designed to be pressure equalised (ie no pressure differential between the outside face and any internal cavity). This feature allows the water which penetrates the rainscreen to drain freely back to the exterior. The rear air seal is critical to the system's weathering performance as air infiltration acts as the medium which transports water through to the building's interior, ie it is the prime cause of any leakage.

Sizing of modules is generally only limited by the project design requirements, economic considerations, transport and site crane installation limitations. We would be happy to discuss what these might be on your project. 

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This engineered façade curtainwall is designed to accommodate:

  • building movements - both vertical and horizontal (seismic).
  • differential rates of thermal expansion and contraction.
  • connection details to accommodate construction tolerances.
  • structural member strengths comply with Code or project specification.
  • glass design and its integration with the glazing system to ensure glass warranties are complied with.
Maximum Spanning Ability

Maximum Spanning Ability

Thermosash specifically engineers the best suite option for your project taking into consideration span, structural system, and environmental loads (e.g. wind). The spanning ability will vary depending on the above.

Thermosash Suites are recognized as having the largest spanning systems on the market due to our specific engineering capability and the customised nature of the work we complete.

Specification / Surface Finishing / Performance / Testing


We recommend using Masterspec 4211TS Curtainwall when specifying this suite.

Surface Finishing 

  • Polyester powder coat  - Both standard and special colours available.
  • Anodised - All anodised colours available - commercial grade 20 micron finish recommended.
  • PVF2 Flourocarbon finishes - Available on request.

Performance / Testing

Thermosash owns and operates the largest facade testing facility in New Zealand where we test our systems and custom designed suites to ensure compliance with the below codes or project specific requirements:

  • AS/NZS1170 (Structural Design Actions)
  • NZS4223 (Glazing in Buildings)
  • NZS/AS4284:2008 (Water / Air Pressure/ Air Leakage - Meets and exceeds minimum requirements)

All the Thermosash suites are independently laboratory tested to IANZ (International Accreditation New Zealand). Test certificates are available on request. 

Section Sizes & Engineering

Section Sizes

The PW1000 is available in various mullion sizes to suit your project: 75mm / 100mm / 150mm / 200mm with the ability, where necessary, to structurally supplement the sections when the suite is exposed to high floor to floor spans or high wind zones, thus potentially reducing the need for additional primary or secondary structure to be provided by the Main Contractor. 


We custom design all our suites to suit our projects to maximise the efficiencies within the suite and often to incorporate added elements or unique building structures, building movements or floor heights. 

Integrated Elements & Installation

Integrated Elements

Almost an unlimited type of materials can be integrated into a unitised panel, including different glass types, metals, brackets to receive externally mounted fins, louvres, venetians or building signage for example. The PW1000 can accommodate opening sashes suitable for highrise installations. 


PW or Panelwall systems are prefabricated and glazed in a factory environment, stored and only transported to site when needed.

These prefabricated and glazed panels are delivered to the floors in crates and positioned by floor mounted cranes or monorail units. The panels have interlocking legs, requiring sequential placement around the building floor before the next level can be installed.

It is highly recommended that the units are installed from ground up in predetermined directional order to maintain the best detail connection between panels. Special methodologies need to be considered when recladding a building demands a top-down approach.

Curtainwall is almost always hung from the top of each floor section (dead loaded) and attached at the base of the unit to resist windload. The Thermosash specific engineered brackets attach at each floor either on the top of the slab, to the edge of the slab or under the slab as necessitated by the project design and engineering requirements of the selected system.


Generally, our warranty is for 10 years from the date of practical completion. This covers workmanship and weather tightness, providing the subcontract includes fabrication, installation and glazing of all components and a maintenance schedule is adhered to.

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Thermosash is New Zealand’s largest commercial window, curtainwall, total clad façade designer, manufacturer and contractor - local since 1973.               

As a world class supplier of engineered façades, we provide, through constant evolution of our product range, systems that are trusted and proven.

“Our work at Thermosash is critical to the building industry. Our prefabricated design specific engineered building envelopes shape the appearance of our skylines: offering comfort to occupants from heat and cold, protection from the elements, respite from the acoustic discomfort of busy cities and pleasure to those who appreciate the built environment”. David Hayes, Group Managing Director.

Our growth since 1973 demonstrates that the strength we offer the building industry is underpinned by supplying quality, long lasting, engineered building envelope systems. Our ability to meet tight lead times and on-site programmes, our acceptance of transfer of design responsibility, our engineering, manufacturing, logistics and on-site capabilities, together with our team’s passion and quality service commitment enables us to remain at the forefront of the facade subcontracting industry.

Our Expertise
Thermosash’s abilities have grown since its 1973 start-up when Laurie Hayes and his colleagues manufactured commercial windows out of a small production facility. It quickly became apparent that the products and skills of the workforce were creating a performing quality, flexible product that the market sought.

Over time, our teams of dedicated and committed people have grown, this has been possible through constant reassessment of internal and external processes and manufacturing methods from around the world. We’ve also provided ongoing reinvestment in the training of our people to ensure lean process, IT Systems, material handling machinery and transport logistics equipment, as well as design office and factory production process improvements. We are able to offer a world class company with manufacturing facilities in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Our Offering
We offer an extensive range of cost effective, high performance rainscreen, pressure equalised window, door and façade solutions to suit any commercial project. Our products are incorporated in high-rise office blocks, apartment buildings, shopping centres, airports, institutions, hotels, industrial complexes and quality architectural homes.

In addition to offering bespoke façade solutions for new builds, we are experts in recladding, rainscreen over-cladding and the refurbishment of existing façades.