Why wrap your house with a piece of paper when you can build so much better with IBS RigidRAP. Better bracing, air control, moisture control and you can work inside the house during construction which speeds up your move in date.

IBS RigidRAP® is an 8mm OSB3 product that has been laminated with an approved building paper to give your house dual protection from the weather during your building process. It has been manufactured specifically for New Zealand, for use as a bracing element and/or rigid air barrier. IBS RigidRAP® is the only dual layer rigid air barrier system available in New Zealand and comes laminated with a BRANZ appraised watertight wall underlay.

  • Category
    Wall Panels & Cladding
Scope of use


  • Internal or external wall bracing
  • External wall wrap – rigid air barrier
  • Temporary weather cladding
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Since 1993, IBS has been working with the top building product panel producers in the world to bring New Zealand a panel product range that help Kiwis build better. IBS source high quality flat panel products from only the best suppliers around the world. Our products are tested and certified to comply with New Zealand building codes and standards, to ensure all products supplied are fit for purpose. We also make sure our products are supplied from a third party certified sustainable renewable source.