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Salice Overhead Lift Systems


  • Wind is an elegant, unobtrusive overhead lift system for flap doors 
  • Compact design requires minimal space, thus maximising your storage area 
  • Smooth, controlled movement 
  • Patented double spring action with 3D, spring and soft close adjustments 
  • Soft close mechanism for decelerated closing 
  • Two popular colour options for cover; Classic White and Satin Metal Black 
  • Suits kitchens, bathrooms, living room and bedroom furniture, offices and more 
  • Soft Close and Push to Open models in paired kits for 5 weight classes. 
  • Very heavy doors can be managed by using more than 2 lifts. 
  • For wide doors, a third (single) lift is available to supplement the paired lifts; this prevents door bowing.
  • Stop device is pre-fitted to limit door opening to 85/86°. If removed, door can open to 94° 
  • Push to Open models available; operate with Salice Magnetic Push System   


  • The Evolift system ensures a perfect opening and closing movement for all flap door applications, both wood based and aluminium framed. 
  • Compact dimensions to maximise storage space 
  • Strong and durable 
  • Modern linear profile with neatly designed covers 
  • Spring mechanism allows a wide range of adjustment 
  • Safety clip restricts any hazardous arm movement during assembly 
  • Soft close for smooth, controlled movement 
  • One code to get everything you need - left, right and paired options for folding and single flap doors 


  • Options for single flap or folding doors 
  • Everything you need in a kit with one code to order - lift system, hinges, mounting plates, smove, piston


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