Timeless in its appeal, smooth Sawnstone blocks will enhance both classical and contemporary designs.

The Ahi stone is cut from the upper layers of the quarry. It is varied in texture, and is characterised by unique inclusions of hard pumice and fragments of metal and basalt, the natural colour varies from cream to grey. Every block is different.

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This new product is 290 x 145 x 70 mm, will sit on the standard footing for other bricks


Hinuera Natural Stone
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About the

Hinuera Natural Stone is a premium cladding and landscaping product for quality homes. It provides distinctive good looks, timeless elegance and durability.

The stone is both durable and low maintenance, with insulation properties that make it ideal for the New Zealand climate, warmer in winter, cooler in summer. Combine this with double glazed joinery and your home will be very quiet inside.

The paving stone has a high grip rating (.81) making it ideal for wet areas and swimming pool surrounds.

Hinuera Natural Stone will add value to your home and landscape and with its impressive good looks and will stand the test of time. The quarry has been processing this high quality for over 60 years.