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Surreal Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrades

Surreal Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrades provide sleek, crisp, and slimline styles whereby the glass infill panels are recessed into each intermediate post. This allows semi-frameless balustrades to lose the bottom rail causing them to seem suspended off the ground by each bookend post support. Unlike many of the other product lines UNEX offers, these styles can have a side rail to lean on or do away with it to offer clearer vertical sections for each pane.

Surreal is a style where the glass extends above the minimum barrier height of the intermediate posts to obscure less of the view at a sitting height. By incorporating the structural integrity of aluminium into the design, needing rails becomes optional along the side and allows this style to have a continuous span of glass running along to top of the span of the full system of balustrade when panels are placed side-by-side. It is Surreal that yields the best of both worlds in combining aluminium and glass designs.

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