Sentry Solar Pole Top 008V Roadway

The SPT-008V is a solar pole top light with a pathway/roadway (Type II) distribution providing light from dusk to dawn using only natures energy.

The smart Battery Management System(BMS) manages the health of the battery to provide years of hassel free lighting without the need for energy.

Covered by a 5-year warranty and an expected battery life of 8-10 years.

Positioning of this solar light is important to allow the best solar gain throughout the day and maximise the health and life of your battery.

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Sustainable Exterior Lighting

The sun produces renewable energy which we convert into power using our efficient photovoltaic panels and smart technologies to produce a clean alternative to illuminate spaces safely.


Intelligent Control

Smart controllers provide light from dusk-to-dawn, dimmed on time schedules when required or when movement activates occupancy sensors.


High Quality Components

Our components are designed and sycronised to perform efficiently through the lifecycle and all components are covered in our 5 year warranty.


System Protection

All components are monitored and regulated using a micro-controller to ensure all components are protected and operating optimally withstanding extreme weather conditions.


Remote Diagnostics

The handheld diagnostics tool allows the operator to run a full diagnostic on a luminaire’s condition operational history and service requirement for each component.


Ease of Maintenance

All components are accessible and replaceable with our waterproof connectors and easy access is achieved when using our tiltable pole solution.


20W Solar Pole Top with an asymmetrical distribution delivering 2600 lumens of zero-carbon light.

The light operation mode is 4 hrs full brightness after dusk, 30% and 5hrs sensor operated to full brightness and 4 hrs at full brightness before dawn.

Ideal applications include rural and lifestyle road, entrance ways, large courtyards, and driveways.

Th solar light operates best when located away from large trees or building that will restrict the sunlight to the panel situated on top of the luminaire. 

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E-Stello Lighting delivers professional and sustainable light sources that reduces demand on our environment while creating safe and well-illuminated spaces in our communities and homes.

We have designed a range of Solar Lighting Solutions engineered for all the geographical areas in New Zealand. Solar lighting solutions add value to any project as it reduces the cost of planning, installation, and obviously zero power costs.

All our solar products integrate smart controllers to monitor and continually regulate all components depending on the environment to provide a battery life expectancy of 7-10 years. Products are covered with a 5-year limited warranty including batteries.  

In addition, we have a range of powered lighting including commercial, industrial and human-centric lighting. We pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing products with the highest efficacy and quality while offering value and a sustainable light source.

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