Single Robe Hook

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A stylish robe hook will complement our range of heated towel rails.

  • Category
    Robe Hooks
  • Range
    Tranquillity Colour Collection Range
  • Brand
    Tranquillity Bathroom Collection
  • Warranty
    5 years


  • Available in 5 finishes - Polished stainless, black, brushed stainless, brushed gun-metal and brushed brass
  • Dimensions: 38w x 54h x 60d mm
  • Codes: BA10-3/BA10-3 Black/ BA10-3 BSS/ BA10-3 GM/BA10-3 Brass


  • Available in 5 finishes - Polished stainless, black, brushed stainless, brushed gun-metal and brushed brass
  • Dimensions: 30w x 50h x 60d mm
  • Codes: BA11-3/BA11-3 Black/ BA11-3 BSS/ BA11-3 GM/BA11-3 Brass
Scope of use

A robe hook is a versatile and functional accessory typically used in bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways and other spaces for hanging robes, towels, clothing or other items. It provides a convenient and accessible location for hanging towels or clothing items and keeps these items organized and within easy reach. 

  • High-grade stainless steel 
  • Guaranteed for 5 years against manufacturing defects 
  • Easily installed into new or existing homes
SKU: ba10-3
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