IBS Softboard has many purposes for both the home and the office, great for some sound reduction or to warm up that cold area of the house. IBS Softboard is also great to use when making archery targets. Made from wood fibre, IBS Softboard is a LFE panel or low formaldehyde so you can use it with confidence know that you are safe from harmful chemicals.

Standard softboards has been produced for over 50 years and is now a key building product internationally. In the past, Softboard has been used in wooden construction, traditionally as an insulation.

As a sustainable building material, wood is known for its excellent qualities, both thermal and ecological. IBS Softboard is easy to handle, non-allergenic and very durable, providing long-term performance.

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    Building Wraps & Underlays
Scope of use

IBS Softboard Intended Use

• Thermal and sound insulation
• Pinboards and displays
• Office partitions
• Sound deadening doors

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Since 1993, IBS has been working with the top building product panel producers in the world to bring New Zealand a panel product range that help Kiwis build better. IBS source high quality flat panel products from only the best suppliers around the world. Our products are tested and certified to comply with New Zealand building codes and standards, to ensure all products supplied are fit for purpose. We also make sure our products are supplied from a third party certified sustainable renewable source.