Steel Frame Solutions – New Zealand’s #1 choice in framing for Tiny Homes

  • Made within 72 hours from a confirmed order
  • Save up to 80% in engineering fees
  • Up to 70% lighter than wood
  • Stronger & more durable
  • Huge selection of plans or
  • Customise your own
  • Erected at your site in the Auckland area
  • Or on your trailer at our factory

Steel Frame Solutions provides easy-to-assemble steel frames for tiny homes, 30m2 structures, backyard studios, sheds, garages and more.

Lightweight and easy to assemble 

We wanted to bring something different to the market by designing and manufacturing tiny home frames with or without a trailer.

  • Ready for your custom fit-out
  • Perfect for the enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer
  • Designed to fit within the building code and roadworthy guidelines.

Our lightweight steel frames are your best option for meeting height and weight restrictions, while lowering costs. They offer numerous benefits that traditional timber framing just can’t match.

We frame it, you finish it!

Tiny home designs ready to go – our light gauge steel framesets can be ready in less than 72 hours from when you place your order.

We employ the best architects and drafters to design and render aesthetically beautiful and functional tiny home designs.

We invite you to play an active role in the custom design of your individualised home or we have dozens of ready-made plans to choose from.

Have an idea in mind?

If you don’t find a pre-existing plan that can be customised to your preferences, we can start from scratch. We can design your new home in almost any way imaginable.

What type of fit-out are you looking for? Do you want a loft, kitchen, toilet, shower or just a basic set-up with a bed and sitting area? Brief our design team on your wish list and let the magic unfold! The great thing about our team is that we’re not just fabricators, but builders with over 40 years construction experience. We use our knowledge to help you achieve the best outcomes possible.

Design, with light gauge steel framing

Is your tiny home less than 30 sqm? If so, you may not need building consent. But it has to be portable and comply with height and length dimensions. Portable tiny homes must weigh less than 3.5 tonnes to be legally transported.

Given that our steel frames are up to 70% lighter than timber, you can get more out of your fit-out and design.

What’s more, because it’s lighter, there’s not as much foundation movement. This means cladding and gib is less likely to crack; a vital consideration for portable tiny homes!

Save time and money

Save up to 80% in engineering fees

We construct our tiny home frames using the world’s most code compliant engineering design software for cold formed steel structures. It is the only industry system that combines both engineering and design software.

This means we produce fully-engineered designs, so you save costs in compliance and rework. Designs are produced to code, with 80% of the engineering work already done. All the engineer has to do is review our work and sign it off. Which means you can save up to 80% in engineering fees!

Beware of other systems that produce designs with very limited or no engineering capability, as you’ll end up incurring the full engineering costs.

What’s more, our steel frames are easier to assemble than timber. You can set it up yourself or we can assemble it for you.

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Better for your health

The Asthma Foundation has deemed Axxis® steel a ‘sensitive choice’, for the potential benefit it provides to people living with asthma and allergies. Steel is not treated with chemicals, so it won’t emit potentially harmful toxins. Nor will it rot or support the growth of mould.

  • No Toxic Chemicals
  • No Mould
  • No Rot
  • No Termites
  • No Gases & Vapours
  • No Shrinking, Cracking, Splitting, Creeping
  • No Bowing, Bending, Warping, Twisting or Movement
  • No Drying Out Required
  • Not Affected By Rain
  • No Rust
  • Non Combustible

Behind your GIB board?

Steel Framing is the greener choice, here’s why

  • 40 trees are required to frame an average sized house
  • Just a handful of recycled cars are needed to frame a steel home
  • There is also no waste. Every piece is cut to precise length.
  • Less transportation and construction time = reduced carbon emissions
  • Fewer materials are needed because steel has the highest strength to weight ratio
  • 650 million metric tons of steel are recycled every year
  • Steel has a potentially never-ending life cycle that reduces production waste
  • Design flexibility makes adding efficient insulation and solar panels easy
  • Steel frames are not affected by humidity or temperature changes, so they are more energy-efficient too

Stronger and straighter

Our light gauge steel frames are made with steel from Axxis® steel that has been developed and tested by New Zealand Steel, for NZ conditions. Galvanised with a 100% zinc coating for protection, it is backed by a 50-year Durability Statement, so you can trust that Axxis® steel will stand the test of time

As steel has the highest strength to weight ratio out of any building material, it is a superior construction material.

Steel Frame Solutions produces a straight and stable product that delivers an excellent finish. Build times are faster and construction more accurate. To make it easier, and to speed things up further, our framing is pre-punched with 32mm holes for electrical and plumbing services.


Our steel is 100% NZ sourced and manufactured, to ensure the highest quality.

Beware of inferior imported steel, as they may not be suitable for NZ standards or as durable. Although they may appear cheaper, recent freight hikes have meant they can often end up costing more.

We’re not just fabricators, but builders and designers too with over 40 years of construction experience.

Our team is passionate about tiny homes. We’d love to partner with you to help make your dream a reality, so give us a call!

We may be able to erect the frames for you in the greater Auckland area or straight onto your trailer at our factory.

We can also supply

  • Thermal break, ceiling battens, roof purlins
  • Screws and fixings
  • Hold-down brackets and 32 mm grommets for the service holds
  • Windows of standard size
  • Vinyl weatherboard in 20 different colours
  • Tiny home kitchens and bathrooms made in Germany

Ready to get started on your dream tiny home?

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Steel Frame Solutions Limited your local Kiwi Steel Frames manufacturer provides a total design and manufacturing service for LGS, Light Gauge Steel frame construction.

All our design technicians are highly trained in the world's most code compliance software from Framecad, whilst our senior management has decades of building experience.

We use the latest CAD systems and building design software that is fully incorporated into our manufacturing systems. Our team can take your architectural plans (even existing timber designs) and convert them to steel plans.

Only the highest quality NZ steel is used. Axxis® steel is galvanised, high-tensile steel specifically designed for New Zealand’s house-framing market.

We manufacture to the NASH Standards, NASH, the National Association of Steel Framed Housing.

We work very closely with architects and our 3rd party engineers to produce structures that a simple to erect and cost-effective for the client.

Exceptionally strong and built for the toughest conditions.

Axxis® Steel is exceptionally strong and built for the toughest conditions. “It is fire resistant and has been shown to have excellent earthquake resistance.

Its durability means that it won’t rot or support mould growth and it won’t suffer from borer or other insects.

It’s also galvanised to prevent corrosion when good weathertightness principles are applied to the cladding design and installation”. Source: Axxis® Steel website

When you work with Steel Frame Solutions, you know you are dealing with experts in the building field.

  • Qualified Builders
  • Highly Experienced Fabricators
  • Code Compliant Engineering Design Software
  • New Zealand Axxis® Steel
  • NZ’s #1 choice in Residential frame and truss with a vast range of webbed floor joist systems. Commercial framing ranges from 63mm fit-out profile, 89mm basic framing profile, and 150mm framing profile for all exterior and higher walls. Tiny Homes, Cabins, Garages, and more. 
  • Asthma Foundation Sensitive Choice 
  • Complete Service – Design, Manufacture and Install with a fast turnaround