Stephen Milner Collection - NZ Artist Series

OneFrame partners with renowned New Zealand artists to reproduce a select range of premium artworks for purchase on your choice of OneFrame standard, acoustic or illuminated mounted fabric prints.

This original work by renowned New Zealand artist and photographer Stephen Milner is reproduced using high quality dye sublimation printing onto fabric and mounted onto your choice of OneFrame fabric tension frame.


* The copyright of the imagery is solely owned by the artist (Stephen Milner) and used under license and in partnership with OneFrame Ltd. Unlawful download and reproduction of these works are strictly prohibited unless permission has been given, in writing by the artist.

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    Wall Art, Wall Fabrics
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    NZ Artist Series
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    Stephen Milner
Scope of use

Our off the shelf range covers each of these works as either:

  • fabrica™ Wall Art
    Large format artworks with a range of fabric textures, frame colours and depths
  • resonate™ Acoustic Wall Art 
    Large format artworks that deliver acoustical performance with a range of fabric textures, frame colours and depths
  • lunar™ Illuminated Wall Art
    Large format artworks that are illuminated with a range of fabric textures, frame colours and depths
  • bespoke™ custom design & build
    We work with a range of specifiers and do manufacture and deliver a wide range of bespoke pieces into homes, hotels, and corporate settings. The artist series also opens the way for conversation with individual artists to do commissioned work for these projects that is then manufactured specific to its intended application and location.
Stephen Milner

My creativity is a passion that is true to my spirit and has influenced me from an early age.

My connection with the landscape started at an early age. When I was a young boy, my brothers and I would spend every minute exploring the landscape around our home. Every day, we created new ways to relive our adventures; whether it was exploring somewhere new or building makeshift bush huts, our adventures were creative.

My creative pathway turned to photography in 2012 when I picked up my first camera at university. My photography has taken me on a creative journey. It has been a journey that has taken me on many adventures to wonderful places. In recent years, my artwork has evolved into digital creativity. I feel fortunate that I can create my artwork and share how I see the landscape with you.


OneFrame Artist Series works can be manufactured and delivered for a bespoke size and application into homes, hotels, or corporate settings. We can also facilitate conversation with individual artists to create commissioned work for your project that is then manufactured specific to its intended application and location. Please contact us to discuss further.

The concept was formulated with the idea of bridging the gap between local talent and the commercial specifier market. Too often we see generic imagery sourced through international libraries with little thought to what is available in our own back yard. On conversations with the specifier market to date we found that there was a gap not only in our NZMADE offer when it came to access of NZ specific artwork, but also the lack of access to artwork by local talent.

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OneFrame Architectural Fabric Tension Systems is a New Zealand based speciality manufacturer delivering sustainable solutions both locally and across international waters. Our team has a dedicated focus on influencing and educating architects, specifiers, designers, and those that share our passion for a more sustainable tomorrow through innovative delivery.

Our product offer includes the following product categories:

resonate™ - fabric acoustic systems
lucent™ - illuminated fabric systems
renu™ - recycled imaging systems
lunar™ - stretched ceiling systems
adframe™ - fabric tension advertising systems
fabrica™ - fabric tension wall coverings
organa™ - fabric tension shapes & forms
bespoke™ - custom design & build

Understanding that no application is the same, our team thrives within the bespoke design & manufacture space ensuring each delivery is tailored to the desired specification.

The manufacturing process sees the bulk of our raw materials and in-house processes being environmentally friendly with multiple projects underway to develop and deliver a fully circular economy to our customers.

Our commitment to both the community & the environment has seen us partner with 1% for the planet. The result is that 1% of our turnover gets injected back into local environmental initiatives for preservation to benefit future generations.