Storm Drain – Slimline Pit with Green Plastic Grate

The RELN Storm Drain Slimline Pit is used at the end of Storm Drain channels to enable lower pipe connection, allowing pipe work to run beneath concrete slabs for vehicular applications. The Heritage Green Plastic Grate is a concave profile, making it perfect for use in paths, driveways, courtyards and trafficable areas.

RELN Storm Drain is the complete surface drainage solution, with a range of different accessories and grate options, perfect for paths, driveways, and domestic areas with corners, T sections and X sections. With its deep 100mm profile, Storm Drain effectively collects and distributes large volumes of surface water throughout its system. The interchangeable clip in grates, hold-down feet and pipe cut-outs make it easy to install, whether you are a DIYer or a professional.

  • Category
    Stormwater Drainage
  • Range
    Storm Drain™


Measurement of the external perimeter.

  • Length - 335mm
  • Width - 121mm
  • Depth - 261mm


Measurement of the internal perimeter.

  • Length - 335mm
  • Width - 100mm
  • Depth - 248mm



  • Enables lower pipe connection – Allowing pipe work to run beneath concrete slabs for vehicular applications. When pipe work runs through the concrete slab, such as an end outlet, the pipe acts as a fracture point in the slab when subjected to vehicular loads.
  • Durability – Made in Australia from tough, durable, and lightweight UV stabilised recycled plastic
  • Easy to install – Storm Drain is a breeze to install with its easy connecting channels, interchangeable clip-in grates and hold down feet to stop floatation during the pouring of concrete.
  • Available in 1m and 3m lengths – Two different lengths to provide flexibility. 3m Channels means less work and fewer joins in lengthy drainage applications.
  • Complete drainage solution – With a range of accessories and grate options, Storm Drain is perfect for paths, driveways, and domestic areas with corners and T sections
  • Class A Load Rating – Rated to Class A and when correctly installed in concrete, the grate can withstand light vehicle traffic
  • Deep 100mm profile – A deep profile for capturing large volumes of water flow
  • Plumber-friendly – Bottom outlet can be cut or drilled to fit 90mm PVC stormwater pipe
  • Environmentally friendly – Made from 100% UV stabilised recycled plastic
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RELN is the drainage brand you can be confident in trusting. Their products are durable, made to last and are designed and manufactured in Australia. RELN's focus is to deliver quality product, at the right place, and the right time. They continue to stay at the forefront of innovation, designing and manufacturing product ranges for surface water, ground water and black water applications, as well as a range of agriculture products.   

Their philosophy is to produce product from 100% recycled plastic, and they are proud to say that they've been doing it for many years and will continuously do so.

They are a multi-award winning and quality-endorsed Australian company, known for designing and producing innovative quality plastic products for the Australian and international markets.