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VaproShield (Breathable WRB/Air Barriers)

VaproShield offers high performance, vapor permeable, water resistive barriers (WRB) and air barrier (AB) systems. Their flashing and rain screen accessories create a total solution-based approach to protecting the building envelope.

VaproShield self adhered products are part of complete WRB / AB Systems. MaxClad provide three products as part of this system: RevealShield SA (Self Adhered) ,WrapShield SA (Self Adhered) and Slopeshield Plus SA.

Revealshield SA (Self Adhered) is used where one of the following requirements is a prerequisite for a particular project :

  • The rainscreen is open jointed
  • There is a likelihood that the rain screen install could be delayed [ Revealshield SA may be expose for up to 12 months.
  • There are specific fire performance requirements for the WRB / AB.

These systems can be employed in both Commercial and Residential construction projects.For commercial construction the size and area employed of Revealshield SA was very large at Commercial Bay. The image attached shows the sheathing covered with black Revealshield SA prior to the stone rainscreen façade being installed.

For residential construction the small house (Skylark Cabin) built near Twizel is an example of how the product works in extreme conditions being located in one of the most exposed wind sites in the country. In this case Revealshield SA is critical to the performance of the façade as the rainscreen is timber planks (with gaps between the planks over horizontal timber battens. The timber battens are screwed to the structure through Vaproshims SA which seals all of the fixings and provides a drainage and ventilation pathway behind the timber planks.


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